6 Incredible Advantages of a Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy is an incredibly strong and durable Gilbert garage floor coating, commonly used throughout businesses and homes in a variety of ways. This beautiful Gilbert stained concrete floor has multiple benefits and very few downsides.

It is important to note the difference between regular epoxy and metallic epoxy: metallic epoxy is sometimes called metal epoxy as well, and is a special, multi-layered epoxy floor system that incorporates the use of a metallic additive in the clear epoxy to create exotic effects. As the epoxy cures and dries, the metallic powder continues to move throughout the Gilbert epoxy garage floor coating, creating a lava flow or pearlescent design. What makes metallic epoxy so popular? Here we have listed several of its positive aspects that make it such a popular option among both homes and businesses.

Metallic Epoxy Floor


Epoxy is such a popular option both for stained kitchen floors in Gilbert and commercial flooring because of its impressive strength. It has very high levels of resistance and can stand up to constant daily wear and tear. Automotive shops especially utilize metallic epoxy because it is extremely resistant to spills such as water, oil, grease, bleach, cleaners, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and so much more.

Additionally, epoxy makes a great option for Gilbert stained living room floors due to its fire protection. Epoxy contains certain pigments that expand when exposed to heat, meaning that it will never catch on fire. It will simply expand and hold steady until the fire is extinguished.


Gilbert stained concrete epoxy is extremely durable and lasts up to several decades. This is why it is so strongly preferred for Gilbert concrete garage floor coatings, industrial buildings, and big box stores. Provided it is correctly installed, it will stand up to heavy foot and machinery traffic for several decades.


Metallic epoxy is an excellent option for Gilbert stained garage floor coatings, due to its protective strength. By nature, concrete is extremely porous, and epoxy will form a protective barrier over the concrete to help it last much longer than it typically would on its own.


Another reason for its popularity is the eye-catching appeal of epoxy flooring. It carries a very smooth, professional, and well-polished look. Additionally, epoxy is extremely easy to clean and maintain, as any spills can simply be wiped up with a cloth or a mop. No special cleaning solutions are required for a metallic epoxy floor; really you can use whichever cleaner you prefer.


Metallic floor epoxy comes in a wide variety of colors and types. You can choose the intensity and brightness of the colors you want in your floor, the shade, the pattern, and more. The versatility is almost endless.


Lastly, epoxy makes for an extremely safe workspace. It can be installed with non-slip material mixed in for extra grip, plus the brightness helps reflect light for improved visibility.

The professionals at Barefoot Surfaces are experts in all types of garage floor coatings, including metallic epoxy. We have impeccable workmanship, and are continually expanding our knowledge to keep up-to-date on the newest trends, codes, and requirements. We use high-quality materials to ensure complete satisfaction, and do so at affordable prices. If you have questions about the use of metallic epoxy in your home or business, contact the experts at Barefoot Surfaces to find out more!

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