High Traffic Concrete Floors & How to Improve Their Longevity

Do you have a concrete floor in your home in a highly trafficked area such as the kitchen or garage? Or perhaps you just built a new building for your business and had a concrete floor installed because you have heard they are durable and built to last. Either way, proper maintenance will be critical in maintaining the longevity of your beautiful concrete floor. The cleanliness and overall appearance of your floor is one of the first things a newcomer will notice, whether purposely or subconsciously, making it a top priority to be a good impression of your space.

While Gilbert epoxy garage floor coatings make a big difference in how well your concrete floor holds up to heavy traffic and provide a beautiful, polished look to your space, the concrete can still begin to dull and breakdown over time. Dirt and debris, oil or gas spills, mud, machinery traffic, and water spills left unattended can all add up to make your attractive epoxy floor begin to fade, look unappealing, and appear unkempt.

Even just heavy and constant foot traffic will wear down your floor over time. With a little bit of effort toward proper maintenance and good care of your floor, the epoxy will be protected, remain attractive, and perform as it should for your needs. Here, we talk about a few simple processes for maintaining your heavily trafficked Gilbert stained concrete floors.

Consistent Cleaning

As with any space typically frequented by foot traffic, pets, or heavy vehicles and machinery, establishing a consistent cleaning routine is vital to the life of the floor. Even with the most durable of Gilbert concrete garage coatings, the floor will eventually begin to break down and lose its strength if not properly cleaned. Depending how much dirt and gravel are brought in on shoes or tires, an epoxy-sealed stained concrete floor should be swept daily to weekly. Dirt can easily be ground into the epoxy and polyaspartic garage floor coatings, causing the concrete to begin breaking down and crumbling from the inside out. By sweeping and cleaning with a microfiber mop every week, your Gilbert garage floor coatings will be protected from damages, and its beauty will really shine through. Every so often, it is also a good choice to use a neutral cleaner for a deeper and more thorough clean.

Clean as You Go

Whether you have a Gilbert garage floor staining, stained living room floors, or stained kitchen floors, it is very important to clean up any spills immediately. If any type of moisture, acidic or chemical-based spill, oil, or any other liquid is left to soak in, your stained garage floor coating will become permanently discolored and damaged. Keep a microfiber cloth handy in order to quickly wipe up any spills as they occur.

Though it may seem petty or time-consuming, all these little steps will add up to long-term protection for your Gilbert epoxy floor coating, help maintain its superior performance, and be a stunning masterpiece in your home or business. It is well worth your time and the extra bit of effort to maintain such a beautiful and robust surface. A little investment now will save your wallet from damages, repairs, and remodeling down the road.

The professionals at Barefoot Surfaces are expertly trained in garage floor coatings, polyaspartic coating, epoxy, and floor staining. We pride ourselves in the aesthetic appeal and long-term durability of our floors, and are confident you will too. At Barefoot Surfaces we use only the highest quality materials for your Gilbert floor projects, and through a specialized installation process, your floors will last for years to come. Feel free to peruse through our excellent online reviews and gallery of previous work, and contact us with any questions about maintenance, cleaning, or other facets. We know that epoxy and stained floor coatings are a work of art and a valuable asset to any building, and are thrilled to assist you. Call us today to get your free estimate! Your floors will thank you, and we know you will be completely satisfied from start to finish.

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