Concrete Floor Stain Color Charts

Opaque Concrete Stains.

When you want to revitalize your existing concrete flooring with a water based, acrylic stain, Barefoot Surfaces can provide you with opaque concrete stains and experts to apply them. The opaque concrete stains allow you to choose your desired color, while not compromising the detail and extravagance of your concrete flooring. Choose from a variety of color tints to tie your room together, for either your indoor concrete, or your outdoor concrete flooring. Applied expertly to porous surfaces, these opaque stains are eco-friendly and look great on any existing or new concrete surface.

Solid Concrete Stain

As concrete floors are extremely versatile, and can be used in any setting, indoor or outdoor, making sure your concrete is durable and long lasting should be number one on your list of priorities. Not only are the solid concrete stains Barefoot Surfaces provides excellent at enhancing your concrete tenfold, but they are made with non-hazardous chemicals so that your floors are safe for children and pets. With solid concrete stains by Barefoot Surfaces, you get consistent, even color across your entire floor, and penetrate the porous surface without changing the texture. Get high quality, solid concrete stains from Barefoot Surfaces!

Concrete Stain-Color Fuse

When you want to refresh the look of your indoor or outdoor concrete with a dazzling new color, or an edgey refresh, Barefoot Surfaces can provide you with concrete stain Color Fuse to transform your concrete floor. With 18 vibrant colors to choose from, matching your concrete floor to fit the tone of your room is easy with options from Color Fuse. We use Color Fuse for both conventional concrete as well as modified polymer concrete. So when you want to upgrade the look of your concrete flooring with a vivid new color, Barefoot Surfaces can help you find the right Color Fuse concrete stain for your home.

Concrete Stain-cem dye

If you want to enhance the look of your concrete flooring for either your residential home or your commercial business, Barefoot Surfaces offers concrete stain Cem Dyes that are both beautiful and affordable to use on your concrete. Choose from sixteen beautiful colors from, gorgeous and neutral earth tones, to vibrant and bright colors that can tie in with your decor. These liquid dyes are water and acetone soluble, and can be used with a variety of acid stain products. At Barefoot Surfaces, we can help you decide which dye to choose from to help make your concrete flooring look elegant and refreshing.

Garage Floor Color Charts

Slide-Lok Solid Color Chart

When you want a custom garage floor coating that will last for years to come, Barefoot Surfaces can provide you with a Slide Lok solid color for your concrete garage floor. Choose from eight beautiful colors to tie your garage together, or to bring color and vibrancy to your indoor garage work space. With bright and interesting colors, or neutral earth tones to add to your concrete floor, Barefoot Surfaces can apply your chosen color to give you long lasting concrete floors that are both durable and appealing to look at.

Polyaspartic-Slide-Lok garage floors

To upgrade the interior of your garage and make it a luxurious and beautiful housing for your vehicles, Polyaspartic Slide Lok garage floors are the way to go. Installed in as little as one day, these polyaspartic floors are perfect for enhancing the durability and look of your garage floors. With superior color and gloss retention, this particular brand of epoxy is chemical resistant, perfect for when you’re working on your car. Not only are polyaspartic epoxy floors resistant to a variety of chemicals, but they are abrasion and impact resistant as well. Choose from a variety of colors to incorporate into your garage with beauty and practicality.

Garage Floor Chips

Choosing the pattern and color for your epoxy garage floor is easy when you consider the variety of different Granitex Color Chips. With twelve different blends and sizes to incorporate into your garage, you will find the perfect tone and mixture with Granitex Color Chips. Both durable and long lasting, these blends are perfect for high traffic areas and workspaces, excellent for your garage. Resistant to chemicals and impacts, these mixtures have a long life span and will keep your garage looking clean and fresh for years to come.

StandardColorChart 1389393129 (1)

For a variety of different colors in Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea, and Acrylic materials, Barefoot Surfaces allows you to choose anywhere from vibrant and gorgeous colors, to neutral and more subtle earth tones. Adding an epoxy coat to your garage floor is the best way to extend its life, but why choose from colors you would never even consider? With twelve beautiful tones to choose from, we can install your epoxy garage floor coating with expertise and skill, giving the concrete in your garage or outdoor area a long lasting and durable life span that is both impact resistant and chemical resistant.

Solid Color Chip Chart 1389393014

Adding color chips to your epoxy floor can make or break the look and feel of it. That’s why you want find the right color chip to add to your chosen flooring color so as not to offset the two. Enhancing the look of your flooring with a clashing color is the best way to hate your epoxy floor coating. Choose from twenty four beautiful colors to incorporate into your garage workspace, making it both beautiful and practical. These chips add durability and resistance to your garage flooring, making it perfect for protecting your concrete from chemical spills and other mishaps in the garage.

Metallic Epoxies

When you want to add elegance and modernization to your garage floor, consider a gorgeous metallic epoxy from Barefoot Surfaces. These brilliantly colored and blended epoxies can fit into any interior or exterior room, including your garage. Durable and chemical resistant, metallic epoxies are perfect for housing your cars and creating a beautiful and relaxing work environment. Choose from twenty gorgeous colors to add to your metallic epoxy flooring and Barefoot Surfaces can see to it that it is incorporated expertly and beautifully to your home.

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