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Understanding the Different Floor Coating Systems
from Barefoot Surfaces

You may look at your garage floor or the slab under your carpet and see boring, drab concrete. But at Barefoot Surfaces, we see the perfect canvas for a beautiful, new floor. We use epoxy floor coatings, stains, and overlays to create beautiful floors in any room of your home, including work spaces like garages.

At Barefoot Surfaces, we do everything from living room concrete floor staining to metallic kitchen floor coatings. Here’s a look at the different floor coating systems that we offer in Arizona:

Epoxy Garage Floor Systems

Garage floors take a beating from heavy traffic, whether it be your automobiles, people going in and out to do laundry or get things out of storage, or heavy equipment for household projects. Concrete is a durable choice for all this traffic. However, the concrete becomes easily stained and damaged from oil, gas, and other corrosive elements that come out of the automobiles and the equipment you store there.

Our garage floor coatings put a layer of epoxy on the concrete to protect it and make it look more attractive. The coatings can have different colors or materials mixed in so that they have the look you want. A “pebbled” look is one of the most popular choices since it complements the utilitarian space and since the pattern camouflages dirt and debris on the floor. The coating also makes the floor easier to clean and extends its life span.

Stained Concrete Floor Systems

The base gray of concrete is not very attractive to most people. If you want to upgrade a concrete floor without making it look too “fancy,” stained concrete floor coatings might be ideal. We apply a stain in the color of your choice to the concrete, and we seal it with a clear coating. The look is similar to many types of tile, except you don’t have grout lines to break up the pattern or to capture dirt.

Living room concrete floor staining can make your common area look great while also bringing down your energy costs in the summer. The floors will stay cool even while temperatures are soaring in the Arizona summer. Stained concrete is also a good choice for kitchen floor coatings and for bathrooms.

Decorative Concrete Overlay Systems

Decorative concrete overlays look similar to stained concrete, but they offer many more options. You can choose from a wider array of colors, patterns, and even textures. Stamps can be used for decorative concrete overlays, and different mixes can be used to achieve a variety of effects.
Decorative concrete overlays have the same protective properties of other concrete floor coatings, but they have more aesthetic options. You have more freedom to match the décor with decorative concrete overlays, which makes them ideal for any room in your home.

Metallic Epoxy Systems

Metallic epoxy coatings can provide a distinctive finish for your floors. With their name, you might imagine a tin floor similar to the tin tiles you could put on your kitchen walls. That’s not the look these coatings achieve. Instead, there are flecks of shiny material in the coating that give it a metallic sheen. Otherwise, these floor coatings are very much like other concrete floor epoxies and overlays.

A range of styles, colors, and finishes are still available with metallic epoxies. You can get a pebbled look or a smooth look, depending on your preference.

Sealed Concrete Systems

If you are on a tight budget but want to give your floors a layer of protection, sealed concrete might be the solution. No stains or aggregates are used to enhance the aesthetic. A clear coat of epoxy is put over the concrete to seal it against damage. The sealing does provide a glossy sheen, which improves the look of the space without dramatically changing the look. Sealing is a great option for a garage floor that you want to protect but don’t want to improve aesthetically.

Barefoot Surfaces has solutions for any room in your home where you have concrete floors. Choosing one of these Arizona floor coatings can help you save money by getting rid of costly materials like tile and by improving the energy efficiency of your home. These floor coatings also reduce your maintenance, allowing you to simply sweep and mop your floors, and keeping them free of stains. Whether you are interested in living room concrete floor staining or garage floor coatings, contact Barefoot Surfaces in Gilbert Arizona to learn how we can help you.

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