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Finding the right flooring for your home can sometimes be stressful. Which kind will last the longest? Which kind is the most budget friendly? Most importantly, which kind will look the best in your home? If you are in the process of remodelling or redoing your floors, Barefoot Surfaces may have the answer for you. With Metallic Epoxies, comfortable, cost effective, and durable floors are within arms reach.

With Barefoot Surfaces, we provide many different kinds of flooring for both residential and commercial use. Metallic Epoxies are among some of the most popular floors we provide, and they look great in almost any room. They are both budget friendly and beautiful so that you can have the right look and use for them in your home or in your commercial building.

Capable of withstanding any amount of damage that you may be able to incur on them, metallic epoxies with Barefoot Surfaces are great for industrial use. They can take many different types of chemical and oil spills, the weight of industrial vehicles, and the standard impact of tools being dropped. Not only are they extremely durable, but they are pleasing to the eye as well.

For beautiful metallic epoxies in your home, Barefoot Surfaces can provide many different styles, colors, and finishes for your flooring. Because the epoxy is applied directly to the surface of your concrete floor, sub flooring is not needed and this makes for great, economical flooring for that tightly budgeted renovation. Barefoot surfaces can provide the proper application and maintenance of your metallic epoxy floor.

With 100% five star reviews on yelp, you will find no better flooring help than with Barefoot Surfaces. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Give your floors the finished, and polished look while also making them durable and long lasting, with metallic epoxies.

Metallic finishes definitely convey a sense of luxury and glamour. But the term “metallic” can scare off some people who have visions of platinum and glitter when they hear it. Metallic epoxies offer a luxurious finish that has a handsome sheen, but they aren’t over the top and gaudy the way some metallic finishes can be. Instead, you get an understated, sophisticated finish that elevates the look of any room.

Barefoot Surfaces has installed metallic epoxy floor coatings in homes and businesses throughout Arizona. Our gallery shows the flexibility of these beautiful floor coatings, including the different shades and patterns that can be achieved. Our gallery shows metallic epoxy floor coatings in all types of rooms in homes and businesses, giving you inspiration for how your own floors can be transformed.

Metallic epoxies are just as durable as our other epoxy floor coatings. That means that they will look pretty while also standing up to stains, foot traffic, heavy weights, and furniture being moved across the floor. You don’t have to worry about tip-toeing across these floors to protect them or to resign yourself to a life of scratched, stained, and unsightly floors.

Think of metallic epoxies like the platinum version of epoxy floor coatings. You get a much more beautiful finish without giving up any of the practical benefits. With our years of experience, Barefoot Surfaces has become an expert at applying metallic epoxy floor coatings. We are well-known throughout the state for our high quality of workmanship and our exceptional customer service. You can see just by looking through our gallery the quality of the workmanship we perform. Check out our gallery to see the results for yourself and then think about how you can elevate the look of your own floors in your home or business.

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