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Garage Floor Coatings Gallery

When was the last time you looked through a gallery of garage floors? The very idea might seem laughable considering how dirty and unsightly most garage floors are. The best that most people do is keep their garage floor swept and then avoid looking at it or thinking about the rest of the time.

Gallery of our garage epoxy floor coating projectsAt Barefoot Surfaces, we’re proud to show off pictures of our garage floors because they look as good as any you would find in the top showrooms in the world. You could display a rare Porsche on these floors or show off your collection of Ducatis. You could feel comfortable walking across these floors barefoot.

Our gallery of garage floors shows how the right epoxy coating can transform a space. They create a glossy, sophisticated finish that looks professional and polished. The coatings can include different stains so that they create different colors or patterns. Some popular choices include a slightly “pebbled” finish or a swirly, almost watercolor-like finish. The floors can be sectioned to create a more interesting design, as well.
When you look through our gallery, you can get a sense of what’s possible for design, but you can also get a better understanding of the kind of quality you can expect from our workmanship. Our gallery can give you a better idea of what you can do with your space at home or in your business. The pictures should also reassure you that we are the flooring experts you can trust to do the work that will protect your concrete floors for many years to come.

Look at our gallery and imagine any of those floors in your dusty and dingy garage. Imagine how much you would love pulling into your garage then! Imagine how proud you would be to show off your garage to your customers then!

Garage Cabinets Gallery

Every holiday season, you probably head into your garage and start digging through boxes to find lights and decorations. Along the way, you probably stumble onto a lot of junk you didn’t know you even had in there – and then you put it back because you don’t have time to deal with it in that moment. Or maybe you do some work in your garage, but you spend more time looking for the tools and supplies you need than actually working on your project.

Gallery of our garage cabinet installation and remodeling projectsGetting a great garage cabinet organization system will help you make a place for everything you need to have in your garage so that it is where you need it every time you need it. In addition, the right garage cabinet system will help you de-clutter the space so that it looks more inviting and orderly. Barefoot Surfaces is proud to be a certified installer of the Slide-Lok garage cabinet system, which is as attractive as it is sturdy and practical.

Looking through our gallery, you will see how beautiful the Slide-Lok garage cabinets are. These modular cabinets can be stacked and configured the way you like to get the look you want and to have things just where you need them. Inside shelves are also adjustable to meet your needs, and there are wall shelves that can be used to hang tools and other supplies.

All of the cabinets have a modern look that feels as at home in your garage as it would in any other room of your home. Explore our gallery to get a sense of what designs and configurations are possible. Imagine how beautiful and clean your garage will look once your boxes, tools, and other items that are usually stacked up against the walls are carefully organized in a designer cabinet system that is created to fit your space.

Stained Concrete Gallery

You know how beautiful wood can look when it is properly stained and sealed – imagine what staining can do for that dull, crumbly concrete surface that covers your garage, making the entire space look dull, dirty and old even if it is not. Take a look through our stained concrete gallery and you won’t have to imagine it. Barefoot Surfaces shows you what’s possible to transform your garage floors or other concrete floors in your home.

Gallery of our stained concrete projectsWhen you strip away the carpet, tile, or hardwood floors in your home and all the underlayment, you most likely have concrete. By getting rid of that other material and staining your concrete instead, you create an eco-friendly floor that will save you money and maintenance over time and give your space a sophisticated new look. Stained concrete has a beautiful hue and a mesmerizing depth that looks good in every room of your home, whether it’s the formal dining room or your cozy bedroom. Our gallery shows that to be true since it features stained concrete floors in multiple rooms throughout Arizona homes in which we have worked.

Stained concrete floors also look beautiful in commercial spaces, such as restaurants, shops, or even garages. These floors are easier to clean, and the stain and sealant protect the concrete against damage from heavy foot traffic, heavy machinery, and corrosive chemicals. They help to reduce your maintenance and save you money on repair and replacement over time.

Look through our stained concrete gallery to get an idea of what these floors look like in person and to get inspired to transform your own space. We can work with you to choose the right stain to create a custom design that will suit your preferences and your décor. Trust our experts to get the results you want to improve the value of your property.

Decorative Concrete Overlays Gallery

Decorative concrete overlays offer more options than simple stained concrete. Different textures and looks can be achieved through options like scoring, staining, stamping, and mixing. There is no limit to the look you can create with decorative concrete overlays, and you can add them to any room in your home or business. Barefoot Surfaces is the expert on decorative concrete overlays, and the gallery of some of our previous work shows you the kind of look we can achieve for your floors. Look through the gallery to get inspired to transform your own home or business.

Gallery of our decorative concrete overly projectsNot only are decorative concrete overlays beautiful, but they also help to protect your concrete floors. When concrete floors are left unprotected, they can wear down quickly from foot traffic, furniture and heavy equipment, and exposure to liquids and chemicals. By adding a decorative concrete overlay to these floors, you protect them from damage and give them a longer life span. Not only will you save yourself a lot of money on potential repairs or early replacement, but you’ll also spend a lot less time cleaning up the floors and trying to get rid of stains.

Decorative concrete overlays are suitable for any room in your home, including entertaining spaces like your dining room or living room and private spaces like a bedroom. You can use them inside or outside, such as for a sunroom or a garage. Decorative concrete overlays can also be used in your business, whether you have a commercial or an industrial space and whether it is open to the public or reserved for workers. The experts at Barefoot Surfaces will make recommendations based on your space and your goals. Look through our decorative concrete overlay gallery to get a sense of the solutions we have created for other residential and commercial customers.

Metallic Epoxies Gallery

Metallic finishes definitely convey a sense of luxury and glamour. But the term “metallic” can scare off some people who have visions of platinum and glitter when they hear it. Metallic epoxies offer a luxurious finish that has a handsome sheen, but they aren’t over the top and gaudy the way some metallic finishes can be. Instead, you get an understated, sophisticated finish that elevates the look of any room.

Gallery of our metallic garage floor coatingsBarefoot Surfaces has installed metallic epoxy floor coatings in homes and businesses throughout Arizona. Our gallery shows the flexibility of these beautiful floor coatings, including the different shades and patterns that can be achieved. Our gallery shows metallic epoxy floor coatings in all types of rooms in homes and businesses, giving you inspiration for how your own floors can be transformed.

Metallic epoxies are just as durable as our other epoxy floor coatings. That means that they will look pretty while also standing up to stains, foot traffic, heavy weights, and furniture being moved across the floor. You don’t have to worry about tip-toeing across these floors to protect them or to resign yourself to a life of scratched, stained, and unsightly floors.

Think of metallic epoxies like the platinum version of epoxy floor coatings. You get a much more beautiful finish without giving up any of the practical benefits. With our years of experience, Barefoot Surfaces has become an expert at applying metallic epoxy floor coatings. We are well-known throughout the state for our high quality of workmanship and our exceptional customer service. You can see just by looking through our gallery the quality of the workmanship we perform. Check out our gallery to see the results for yourself and then think about how you can elevate the look of your own floors in your home or business.

Sealed Concrete Gallery

You don’t have to choose a decorative finish to get the benefits of epoxy floor coatings. Simply sealing your concrete is enough to improve the look of your floors and to provide protection that will extend the lifespan of your floors by many years (or even decades). Looking through our sealed concrete gallery, you’ll see that the simple addition of the sealing can make the floors like shiny and polished, which will make them look more attractive and inviting in your home and will make them look more professional in your business.

Gallery of our sealed concrete projectsSealing is a great choice all kinds of concrete floors. If the concrete is already in good condition, the sealing just adds a more polished finish. You can seal the concrete floors in your kitchen, living room, sun room, or even your garage. You can either upgrade the floors that are already there, or you can strip down the wood, tile or other flooring that covers your concrete currently and transform the space. You’ll end up with a beautiful floor that will be easier to maintain and that won’t need to be replaced as quickly as other floor types.

Sealing is also a great choice for business floors. It makes practical spaces look more professional without making them too “pretty” for the work at hand, such as in high-traffic garages and industrial centers. By sealing your floors, you’ll create a better image for your customers and a more inviting workspace for your employees without feeling like you are going over the top with a floor that won’t stand up to the work at hand.

Take a look through our gallery to see what’s possible with sealed concrete and find out the quality of workmanship that we provide. Barefoot Surfaces is well-known for our expert craftsmanship and our superior customer service.

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