What are my options for finishes, patterns & colors on concrete coatings?
The options for those are endless. Our design specialist will guide you through the design process. We also create a Sample board for you to ensure you’re happy with your choice. we also involve you in the coloring process by viewing the floor before the sealer is applied just incase you’d like more color or highlights added.

What are the benefits of using Decorative Concrete Coatings?
There are many benefits the most obvious being the beautification of the concrete. As you can see in our photo gallery adecorative concrete coatingwill provide you with a unique coating that will enhance your home’s interior or exterior. Our coatings are extremely durable and low maintenance.

What is Acid Staining?
Acid Stains are formulated to react with ingredients in the concrete thus creating a variegated, uneven, and translucent coloring effect that resembles the look of stone or marble. Acid staining although beautiful, has its setbacks. At times color can be unpredictable since it reacts with the concrete to give you a certain color but sometimes you may get colors that you may not desire- so it is uncontrollable to a certain degree, not to mention the harmful acids to the environment. This is why we at Barefoot Surfaces only use water-basedConcrete Stainsthat are Low VOC and color can be controlled to achieve the desired look.

benefits of decorative concrete

acid stain floors

Where can your concrete stains be applied?

Concrete stains are designed for both interior, exterior, residential as well as commercial locations. It’s great in kitchens, bathrooms, game rooms and especially restaurants because of it’s low maintenance and durability.

Once I’ve had my garage or driveway epoxied, when can I drive on it?
Depending on the weather, we’d prefer you not to drive on it for 5-7 days. You can walk on it after 24 hours however. Fast cure Polyaspartic coating is available , drive on in 24 hours

Why do I see epoxies that seem to peel or fade?
That’s a result of poor prep-work combined with the use of low quality epoxies. Competitors are using acid etching and pressure washing as part of their prep work, excessive moisture in the concrete is one of the biggest causes for delamination. For that reason, we have invested in Concrete grinding equipment and dust collection. We prep all our coating jobs by Concrete grinding to manufactures specification. Our product is industrial grade that is second to none in it’s quality. It is designed not to fade or peel. We back it up!

How many colors of your epoxy are there to choose from?
We offer a selection of over 26 colors and over 100 different colors of decorative chips in different sizes as well. Still don’t see a color
you like? We do custom colors also

What is Epoxy Flooring?
Epoxy is a material comprised of resins and hardeners. The liquids are mixed together and then applied to a surface to harden, and they become a rigid, plastic material bonded to the surface.Epoxy flooringis covered in multiple layers of epoxy. Coatings are those that have less than 2 mm of epoxy, and epoxy floors have a thicker layer of the material.

Epoxy floors are very strong and durable, and they are resistant to water damage, chemical corrosion, UV rays, and other common damage. The epoxy also protects the underlying material, such as concrete, from degradation over time.

Epoxy can be mixed with stains and other items to create different finishes for the floor. If left clear, the epoxy has a clear finish that shows the material underneath. Colored or clear, the epoxy has a shiny polish that creates a beautiful look for the floor.

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what is epoxy flooring

How Do I Clean My Epoxy Floor?
One of the many benefits of epoxy floors is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do to keep your epoxy floors clean and looking great most of the time is to dust mop them. Use a vacuum along grout lines if your floors have them. An all-purpose cleaner and sponge can be used to clean up spills, like oil, or you can deep clean with a scrubbing brush. Just don’t scrub too hard or you risk damaging the epoxy surface. Use specially designed products to remove tire marks or rust.

Do not use cleaners that contain citric acid or vinegar on your floors as these can damage the surface of your floors. Specifically, these cleaners can dull the glossy surface of epoxy floors.

What are the Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings?
There are many benefits to epoxy floor coatings. In your daily life, the biggest benefit you will notice is that the floors are easier to clean. You won’t have to work hard to keep the floors clean or get out stains. The epoxy coating keeps staining elements out of the floors. You just need to dust mop the floors once or twice a week to keep them clean.

Epoxy floor coatings protect your concrete floors and give them a longer lifespan. You won’t have to spend as much money on repairing your floors, and you won’t have to replace them as quickly as bare concrete.

The coatings make the floors more environmentally friendly. Unlike wood floors, tile, or carpets, epoxy floors don’t require underlayment and other materials. The epoxy goes right over the concrete with no other materials needed. Epoxy floors are even more environmentally friendly than bare concrete because they have a longer lifespan.

Epoxy floors are easy to install, and they don’t require a lot of downtime. Therefore, if you decide to upgrade to epoxy floors, you won’t have to shut down your business or be out of use of your garage for an extended period. The look of your home, which will increase its value. They will also make your business look more professional and will improve employee morale by making the workplace more inviting.

Can I Apply Epoxy Coatings Myself?
Technically, you can, but that doesn’t mean you should. Applying epoxy coatings may seem easy when you watch an online video or look at the photos of some blogger who did it themselves, but actually performing the job is much more difficult. If you don’t mix the epoxy just right, prepare the concrete just right, or apply the epoxy just right, you will end up with a floor that is splotchy, a coating that doesn’t properly adhere and starts coming off in a few years, or a damaged floor. The process also takes much more time than you would expect, and if you don’t have the years of experience and training behind the work, it will take even longer. You can also make mistakes that will end up costing you more money.

It is always best to hire professionals to apply your epoxy floor coatings. The work will be done faster, you’ll save money, and you can be assured that you will have gorgeous floors with a quality finish.

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