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    Garage Floor Coatings

    By The Team at Barefoot Surfaces

    Give your garage floors new life by making them more durable and transforming their look with the right floor coating. The coating protects the concrete from wear and damage. The concrete itself is porous, so it allows in water and corrosive chemicals like oil and brake fluid. Over time, the concrete weakens, and those tiny pores become larger and give way to cracks and other damage. Our garage floor coatings create a barrier between the concrete and these damaging elements. You can feel confident that the concrete foundation is protected for many years to come.

    The professionals at Barefoot Surfaces are experts in garage floor coatings. Our workmanship is impeccable, and we use only the highest-quality materials that are carefully selected for the needs of your floors. That means that your floor coatings will last for many years to come, providing consistent performance and creating a consistent look. You’ll save money on floor maintenance and will better enjoy the look of your concrete floors.


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      About Us

      Our company is founded on a love of quality workmanship, paired with affordable pricing and great customer service. We take the floor coating and staining process very seriously, and view our product as a representation of ourselves. We know that our floors will be a beautiful and durable asset that will bring value and protect…View More

      Gallery Of Floors

      We have worked on hundreds of concrete floors throughout Arizona. We have done every type of finish imaginable, from simple stained concrete to metallic finishes, faux travertine and many other decorative floor coatings. Check out some of the sample of our work to get an idea of the possibilities that exist for your floors.View Gallery

      Slide-Lok Authorized Dealer

      We are a licensed dealer for Slide-Lok, an extremely popular brand of total Garage solutions. From coatings to cabinets to overhead storage and slat walls, Slide-Lok is the final word in garage makeovers, and Barefoot Surfaces is your Phoenix Arizona area authorized Slide-Lok Dealer. Contact us for a free estimate!Get An Estimate

      Stained Concrete Options

      Recent concrete kitchen floor stained by Barefoot SurfacesStained concrete offers a beautiful and long-lasting option that will elevate the look of your home. These floors have a rich hue with interesting natural patterns. They look almost like someone has painted the floors by hand, including contrasting shadows and highlights to give the floor depth and interest. You can choose from several colors for your floors, and you can do just one room in your home or all the rooms. The polished finish has a glossy sheen that is sophisticated and luxurious.

      Not only do stained concrete floors look great, but they are also durable and easy to maintain. These floors stand up to all kinds of wear and tear, including heavy foot traffic, spills, moving furniture, and pet traffic. They are not easily scratched, and they are resistant to water damage. All you need to do is sweep and mop them to keep them clean and looking great.

      Stained concrete floors also help bring down energy costs. These floors will help to keep your home cooler during the summer months, when the temperatures can reach triple digits in Arizona.

      Steve S. Review of Gilbert Epoxy Garage Floor Coating by Barefoot Surfaces

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      Decorative Concrete Overlays

      Recent living room with decorative concrete overlayDecorative concrete overlays transform that dull gray surface into something unique and beautiful. These overlays have rich colors and interesting depths that make for floors like you won’t see in any other kind of material.

      The professionals at Barefoot Surfaces are experts at installing decorative concrete overlays, and we have a well-earned reputation in the community for our quality workmanship and our exceptional service. Let us show you what we can for you!

      Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

      Recent concrete garage floor where we applied a metallic epoxy coatingMetallic epoxies create an alluring and unique finish for your floors. These epoxies have many different colors and patterns, allowing you to get the look you want. Some have noticeable chips and metallic flecks, while others have a more milky appearance with a metallic shimmer.

      Barefoot Surfaces are the experts in epoxy floor coatings, including metallic epoxies. We provide some of the best metallic epoxy coatings in the area, and we have a reputation for exceptional service and workmanship.

      Sealing Your Concrete Floors

      Concrete floors are often used in garages and other work spaces, which makes them vulnerable to corrosion and staining from the equipment, foot traffic, and chemicals that are common in these spaces. Sealing the concrete floors can protect them from damage and make them look nicer, creating a more professional or polished image for the space.

      Sealed concrete does not include the use of decorative stains or patterns. It adds a glossy, clear finish that protects the surface and extends the life of your concrete.

      Sealing is a cost-effective means of protecting your concrete floors and improving their look. Barefoot Surfaces has been sealing concrete for many years, and it has a reputation in the community for exceptional results. Our expert technicians provide the highest quality workmanship while also delivering some of the best customer service. We seal all types of concrete floors, including those in your garage or your home or business. You can get the same benefits in your kitchen, sunroom, or any other room of your home or business.

      Slide-Lok Garage Cabinet Installation

      Barefoot Surfaces is proud to be a certified Slide-Lok garage cabinet installer. The Slide-Lok cabinet system features a modular design that allows multiple pieces to be stacked and rearranged as needed to better organize tools and materials and to best suit your preferences for design or access. The cabinets are easy to assemble and be configured in multiple ways for a truly custom look.

      The Slide-Lok cabinets are made of real wood, which gives them a nicer look and makes them more durable and longer-lasting. In fact, these cabinets have a lifetime warranty. The cabinets have a patented dovetail construction, which saves on labor costs and ensures that your cabinets are ready to go quickly so you can take control of your space.

      Combine the Slide-Lok garage cabinet system with a beautiful epoxy floor covering and you’ll create a gorgeous garage that looks more like a showroom than a workspace. Clean up will be a breeze, and you’ll be able to quickly find whatever tools or supplies you need. You can finally get rid of that clutter from holiday decorations, kitchen gadgets you never used, gardening supplies, and power tools. Everything will finally have its own place, and you’ll never have to waste time searching for items again.

      Outstanding Workmanship!

      Alice M.Gilbert
      “Professional, courteous and always on time. Walked me through with what would be done and what the finish product would look like. Could not have asked for someone that deserves an A+ for the job when it was finished.”

      5 Star Reviews of Barefoot Surfaces

      I Highly Recommend Barefoot Surfaces!

      Jake S.Chandler
      “Ric and his team were awesome! Ric kept me in the loop the whole time and showed up every time he said he would. We love the finished product!”

      5 Star Reviews of Barefoot Surfaces

      5 coat layers

      Our proprietary process has 5 coats that go into making the ultimate floor, one that can stand up to the stress and wear of anything from home DIY projects to industrial level uses. Our coating consists of a primer coat, a color coat, a full chip coat, and two coatings of clear polyespartic for unbeatable protection.

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      Exclusive Phoenix Arizona Area Slide-Lok Authorized Dealer

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