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Chandler is a family friendly city in Maricopa County, AZ. It boasts over 300 days of annual sunshine, great shopping opportunities, fine dining, centers for performing art and much more. It is also very popular with commuters as it has great infrastructure and gets you to Phoenix or anywhere else in the valley in no time at all. Of course, it is also paradise to those who enjoy the out of doors. No matter if you enjoy a round of golf, dirt biking, hiking, off-roading or one of the many other fun activities you can enjoy in the Sonoran Desert, Chandler’s got it all. But what do you do though, when at the end of the day you put your recreational items in your garage and notice that your garage floors are worse for the wear? Maybe you even use your garage to fix your car, your motorcycle, store sports equipment or repot your flowers?

Chandler Epoxy garage Floor Coatings By Barefoot Surfaces

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If you enjoy an active lifestyle and want your garage floors to be able to keep up with you, you need to work with a Chandler concrete garage floor coating contractor who knows his business. Barefoot Surfaces has been providing attractive quality floor coatings to homeowners in Chandler and surrounding communities for many years. Our coatings do not only look stunning, but have many great benefits for your garage floors (and you as well). There is no reason your garage floors can be as stunning and utilitarian as the floors inside your home. We offer a variety of different options to ensure that you will find a coating to suit your taste while fitting the needs of your floor. Select from our high quality epoxy, polyaspartic floor coatings, concrete stains or have your floor ground and sealed to find the perfect finish.

Epoxy & Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Chandler Epoxy and Polyaspartic floor coatings are without a doubt our top selling concrete garage floor coatings. They are incredibly popular because they are industrial grade and can take quite a beating without looking worse for the wear. They have great chemical and wear resistance properties, and will look great for years to come, no matter what life (and your family) throws at them. Additionally, they bond exceedingly well with the substrate, making them strong while also easy to clean. Their ease of maintenance makes them a dream for gardeners, as they release dirt and soil exceedingly well. Forget about boring, grey garage floors. Our concrete coatings are available in metallic, which makes for a sensational look and a myriad of chip blends to ensure you find the look for your Chandler floors you have been looking for.

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Grind & Seal

Grinding and Sealing will make your Chandler garage floors look sleek, modern and utilitarian. If you think that this floor treatment is boring, check out our project gallery to get an idea of what your floors could look like as well. Grinding will remove any impurities and rough spots from your garage floor, while the sealing process will make them shiny and wear resistant. Of course, these floors are easy to clean as well. We are all about making things easier for our clients. Another perk of grinding and sealing your concrete floors is that you won’t have to wait before you can use the garage (or room or patio) again. Because it is a mechanical process, there is no cure time and you are good to go right away. If you desire your floors to have a little unique spin to them, you can have us add any stain to give them a unique and fun look.

Chandler Epoxy Floor Coatings & Garage Remodels | Barefoot Surfaces

Concrete Stain

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and non-toxic solution to upgrade your garage floors, look no further. Our Chandler concrete staining is beautiful and vibrant. However, they won’t lose anything of their vibrancy, as they also have superior UV resistant properties which means they will look great for many years to come. Similar to our epoxy coatings, Barefoot Surfaces’ concrete stains are easy to clean and maintain as well. All that is requires is a swish with the wet mop and you are good to go. We believe that great floors should not be a lot of work while still looking great. These stains come in many different color choices and are truly stunningly vibrant. Get a Chandler concrete stain today to make your garage floors stronger and look magnificent to boot. Contact our Chandler floor coating experts if you have any questions.

If you are suffering from worn and ugly Chandler garage floors, contact our floor coatings experts today. We can help you to improve the durability, ease of maintenance and life expectancy of your garage floors with our epoxy, polyaspartic floor coats or concrete stains. Our Chandler concrete floor solutions are suitable for indoor or outdoor flooring and make a great alternative for those who have opted for concrete floors to alleviate allergies, for example.

By adding a coat or stain to your garage floors you will not only make your life a lot easier, but you will also greatly increase the chances of selling your home in the future, as our floor coatings are very appealing to prospective buyers and will make your home stand out from the crowd. Let us help to give your boring garage floors a makeover that will have you wowed.

Picture recent epoxy floor completed in Chandler

Chandler Epoxy Garage Floors

The team at Barefoot Surfaces provides top quality epoxy garage floor services.

Picture of a recent stained concrete floor completed in Chandler

Chandler Stained Concrete Floors

Call today to take your first steps to updating your home with our quality Chandler floor staining.

Picture of our recent decorative concrete overlay project completed in Chandler

Chandler Decorative concrete overlays

Quality decorative concrete overlays with Barefoot Surfaces.

Our Chandler Services Areas

85224 Epoxy Floors

Serving the Chandler 85224 area with the highest quality epoxy floor coatings, Barefoot Surfaces is dedicated to expertly applying this durable, long lasting coating to your garage floors. Get beautiful, strong epoxy floors with Barefoot Surfaces!

85286 Epoxy Floors

Our wide range of services include epoxy floor coatings in Chandler 85286. For a finish, polished and durable surface in your garage, come to Barefoot Surfaces, where we can apply the best epoxy coatings to your garage floors.

85249 Epoxy Floors

Also available to the 85249 area in Chandler, Arizona, Barefoot surfaces has the proper technique, materials, and skills to apply a durable, long lasting epoxy floor coating to your garage floors! Go from dirty, to beautiful with Epoxy floors!

85248 Epoxy Floors

Also serving the 85284 area in Chandler, Barefoot Surfaces can help you choose the perfect epoxy floor coating for your garage floors. Transform that dingy concrete into a durable, long lasting wonderland that is both practical and looks great, too!

In addition to great concrete floor solutions, we are also authorized to sell and install Slid-Lok garage cabinets. We believe that a great floor deserves a great cabinet system to go along with it. Our garage cabinets look great, are super useful and are made of quality components. Pick yours today or ask your coating professional about it.


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Great storage will tie it all together. Barefoot Surfaces can remodel your Chandler garage and take it from a afterthought to a stunning addition of your home. Contact us today to learn more about our Chandler garage remodeling solutions.

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