Epoxy Garage Floors By Barefoot Surfaces

Are your garage floors fragile and boring? Are you looking for a way to make them last longer while also enhancing their look and feel? With Barefoot Surfaces, we can help transform your garage floor with our beautiful, epoxy floorings. With these durable floors, the concrete in your garage will be long lasting, and make them look beautiful and modern.

Regular concrete floors are porous and susceptible to a lot of damage that can happen from regular use. If you are a grease monkey and spent countless hours in your garage, typical concrete floors may not be very practical for such use. Concrete can be durable, but after a certain period of time, they can wear down. That’s why epoxy garage floors by Barefoot Surfaces are perfect for your garage.

Excellent for both residential and industrial use, these epoxy floors are durable and can withstand massive amounts of wear and tear. From chemical and oil spills, to the use of large vehicles, epoxy floors are capable of providing the ultimate amount of protection for your garage floors. Fortunately, Barefoot Surfaces has the highest quality flooring surfaces for your epoxy garage floors.

Our team of experts can help. With our top quality epoxy garage floor services, you garage floor will be in our capable hands. With a top rated process and 100% five star reviews on Yelp, we can guarantee your satisfaction. Making sure that your floors last as long as possible is our first priority, and one that we can fully guarantee.

The professionals at Barefoot Surfaces can give your floors a finished, polished look that will give new life to your garage. Making sure that they are guarded against everyday wear and tear is our specialty. For more information, contact us today! Barefoot Surfaces is here for you!

When was the last time you looked through a gallery of garage floors? The very idea might seem laughable considering how dirty and unsightly most garage floors are. The best that most people do is keep their garage floor swept and then avoid looking at it or thinking about the rest of the time.

At Barefoot Surfaces, we’re proud to show off pictures of our garage floors because they look as good as any you would find in the top showrooms in the world. You could display a rare Porsche on these floors or show off your collection of Ducatis. You could feel comfortable walking across these floors barefoot.

Our gallery of garage floors shows how the right epoxy coating can transform a space. They create a glossy, sophisticated finish that looks professional and polished. The coatings can include different stains so that they create different colors or patterns. Some popular choices include a slightly “pebbled” finish or a swirly, almost watercolor-like finish. The floors can be sectioned to create a more interesting design, as well.

When you look through our gallery, you can get a sense of what’s possible for design, but you can also get a better understanding of the kind of quality you can expect from our workmanship. Our gallery can give you a better idea of what you can do with your space at home or in your business. The pictures should also reassure you that we are the flooring experts you can trust to do the work that will protect your concrete floors for many years to come.

Look at our gallery and imagine any of those floors in your dusty and dingy garage. Imagine how much you would love pulling into your garage then! Imagine how proud you would be to show off your garage to your customers then!

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