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Durable metallic epoxy floor coating
Fun recreational activities such as golfing, shopping, fine dining, paired with a great historical heritage make Scottsdale, AZ a fun place for visitors and residents alike. With over 300 days of sunshine, there is so much to do and the outdoors just beg to be explored.

This means, your garage will get quite a workout throughout the year. Driving your cars in and out, storing bicycles, golf clubs, maybe even skis and other assorted items, takes its toll on your garage.

To prevent your garage from looking like a disaster area by turning it into a stylish expansion of your home, you will need the assistance of an expert. Barefoot Surfaces is your expert partner in everything pertaining to beautiful garage flooring and sensible, attractive garage storage. Leading an active life is great, but it doesn’t mean that your garage has to suffer for it.

Here at Barefoot Surfaces we focus on customized garage remodels and Scottsdale garage cabinets. Additionally, we have a wide array of attractive solutions for concrete garage floor that will not only enhance their look, but also their durability.

Scottsdale Garage Floor Coatings | Barefoot Surfaces

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Scottsdale Epoxy Floor Coatings

Picture of a recent garage epoxy floor by Barefoot in ScottsdaleScottsdale Epoxy Floor Coatings are among our most requested floor coatings and for good reason. Being industrial coating they offer a multitude of benefits for your garage floor. They are chemical and wear resistant and bond exceedingly well with the concrete substrate. They are easy to keep clean and because they are available in many different colors and chip blends, you are sure to find the garage floor coating to suit your taste and needs. For a more unique look, try out Metallic Epoxy Coatings. For more information and options for your Scottsdale concrete floors. call Barefoot Surfaces today.

Scottsdale Patio Epoxy Floors

Picture of a recent outdoor patio epoxy floor by Barefoot in ScottsdaleAlthough concrete is a common material used for garages and outdoor patio spaces, it is not the most appealing thing to look at, and it certainly isn’t as durable as an epoxy patio coating from Barefoot Surfaces. Beneficial for both looks and durability, outdoor epoxy floors are the perfect way to tie your patio space together with ease. At Barefoot Surfaces, we have a variety tones and chips to choose from so that you get the right look for your outdoor space. Keeping your patio protected from the elements while remaining beautiful is easy with patio epoxy floors.

Concrete Stain

Picture of a recent stained concrete floor by Barefoot in ScottsdaleBarefoot Surfaces is conscientious of the environment and the health and safety of your family and pets, which is why we only employ low VOC concrete stains. This does not mean that the beauty of your garage floor has to suffer or is cut short. To ensure that your Scottsdale concrete floor staining remain beautiful year after year, we work with UV resistant stains that are sure to look great for many years, even in the hot Arizona sun. Our stains have many great properties, such as being very low maintenance. If your floor gets dirty, just give it a swish with a wet mop and you are done. Our stains looks great while being functional.

Grind & Seal Your Scottsdale Concrete Floors

Picture of a recent concrete floor sealed by Barefoot in ScottsdaleIf your vision for your Scottsdale garage or concrete floor is more modern and edgy, our grind and seal services may just fit the bill. Grinding the floor brings out its unique characteristics while the sealing process ensures that your floor will perform for years to come. It protects your floor from water and dirt and there is no cure time. A fun way to personalize your grind and seal floor is to add color to it after the process is completed. This will give your floor a unique look, while retaining the industrial character of the concrete flooring.To learn more about grind and seal flooring, contact us today.

Let that cluttered garage with its unsightly floor be a thing of the past. With over two decades in the business, we can transform your garage into a space you can be proud of. Our multi-purpose Scottsdale garage floor coats will give your garage floor longevity and beauty. With allergies still on the rise, many homeowners choose to eliminate carpet from their homes. Concrete flooring is a suitable alternative and our floor stains ensure that you do not have sacrifice comfort for look.

If you are interested in having your Scottsdale deck replaced, your garage floor coated or your Scottsdale garage customized with Slide-Lok cabinets, contact Ric at today or call us at 602-931-7656. We are looking forward to assisting you in creating your dream custom floor.


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