Stained Concrete Floors by Barefoot Surfaces

Are you toying with the idea of changing the flooring in your home? Are you searching and searching for cost effective options to keep you on budget while also being able to enjoy the simple elegance of brand new flooring? At Barefoot Surfaces, we are here to help you with any flooring endeavor you wish to undertake. Especially in Arizona, a stained concrete floor is cost effective, energy efficient, and a wonderful look for your home.

Trying to decide what kind of floor will best suit your home is sometimes stressful and the expenses can add up over time. With stained concrete floors, you don’t have to worry. Barefoot Surfaces is proud to provide the highest quality stained concrete services for all of your flooring needs. Take up that old, dated looking floor and make it over with a beautifully remastered and stained concrete coat for elegance and luxury.

Summers in Arizona can make our energy bills skyrocket. A stained concrete floor is not only durable and long lasting, but it will keep your home properly cooled so that you can enjoy a comfortable and beautiful home during those harsh summers.

The best part of these stained concrete floors is that they will look beautiful in any room. In addition to them being durable and cost effective, a stained concrete floor is long lasting and perfectly applied by Barefoot Surfaces to give you the highest quality finishes in your home. Update the drab, dull floors in your house to reflect your true taste and elegance with our excellent stains.

With 100% five star ratings on yelp and our satisfaction guarantee, take your first steps to updating your home with our excellent quality flooring. With Barefoot Surfaces, you can rest assured that our floors are just what you need to give your home the look and feel of comfort and luxury.

You know how beautiful wood can look when it is properly stained and sealed – imagine what staining can do for that dull, crumbly concrete surface that covers your garage, making the entire space look dull, dirty and old even if it is not. Take a look through our stained concrete gallery and you won’t have to imagine it. Barefoot Surfaces shows you what’s possible to transform your garage floors or other concrete floors in your home.

When you strip away the carpet, tile, or hardwood floors in your home and all the underlayment, you most likely have concrete. By getting rid of that other material and staining your concrete instead, you create an eco-friendly floor that will save you money and maintenance over time and give your space a sophisticated new look. Stained concrete has a beautiful hue and a mesmerizing depth that looks good in every room of your home, whether it’s the formal dining room or your cozy bedroom. Our gallery shows that to be true since it features stained concrete floors in multiple rooms throughout Arizona homes in which we have worked.

Stained concrete floors also look beautiful in commercial spaces, such as restaurants, shops, or even garages. These floors are easier to clean, and the stain and sealant protect the concrete against damage from heavy foot traffic, heavy machinery, and corrosive chemicals. They help to reduce your maintenance and save you money on repair and replacement over time.

Look through our stained concrete gallery to get an idea of what these floors look like in person and to get inspired to transform your own space. We can work with you to choose the right stain to create a custom design that will suit your preferences and your décor. Trust our experts to get the results you want to improve the value of your property.

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