Are Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings Worth the Investment?

Top 3 Reasons Why Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings Are an Excellent Choice For Your Home or Business

Social media is trending with stunning images of metallic epoxy floor coatings in kitchens, living rooms, garages, and shops. But why is this material so popular right now? Many people are unfamiliar with traditional concrete flooring, especially in homes, and have never heard of epoxy floor coatings. However, there are many reasons why Gilbert epoxy garage floor coatings are becoming so popular and why you should consider installing a metallic epoxy floor coating over your concrete surface.

Are Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings Worth the Investment?

What is Metallic Epoxy?

So what is a metallic epoxy surface? Metallic epoxies are a specialized type of epoxy system that are used to seal and improve concrete flooring in homes, garages, shops, and businesses. When an epoxy sealant is considered to be metallic, that means it has been augmented with tiny metallic pigments that provide a shimmery finish.

Epoxy floor coatings are an excellent choice for concrete flooring in any situation. They provide an extremely durable protective layer that is very difficult to damage and resistant to scratching even in commercial applications. These types of coatings have the added benefit of being effortless to keep clean. Simple sweeping and mopping is all that is needed to maintain the beautiful appearance. Even better, epoxy floor coatings don’t absorb stains the way unfinished concrete does, so your home or garage looks great all the time.

When an epoxy floor coating is installed, a two part system is used which includes resins and hardeners. When an epoxy coating has a metallic appearance, it’s because metallic pigments are added either during the mixing process or during the application process. When added during one of these stages, the metallic pigments will give a different effect to the final look of the coating.

Here are three of the top reasons why metallic epoxy floor coatings are worth the investment in your home or business!

The Incredible Finish Options of Metallic Epoxy

It’s easy to see why metallic epoxy floor coatings have become one of the most popular options for sealing a concrete floor. Metallic epoxy creates dazzling finishes that are completely unique to each site. In order to achieve different types of coating finishes, a Gilbert garage floor coating contractor will use brushes, solvents, and even blowers in order to manipulate the epoxy to cure a certain way. A skilled contractor can create the appearance of clouds, waves, lava, and more! Due to the complex chemical reactions involved with an epoxy floor, no metallic epoxy floors will look the same, even when designed by the same contractor. When you have a metallic epoxy floor coating installed, you can be sure you’ll have a truly one of a kind floor!

The Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Since the addition of metallic pigment into an epoxy floor coating is primarily decorative, some people assume that they are fragile and might not offer the same benefits of non-metallic epoxy systems. However, the reality is that metallic pigments are installed only with 100% epoxy systems, which are the most durable floor coating option available.

When you choose a metallic epoxy coating, you’ll get all the same benefits of an epoxy floor coating and can be confident you’re getting the best product for commercial, industrial, or residential settings. Just a few of the benefits of Gilbert epoxy garage floor coatings are simple maintenance, a long life of service, and incredible damage resistance. These coatings also offer additional benefits:

  • Resistant to staining from chemicals, oils, and other spills, unlike unsealed concrete
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, making epoxy a great option for hospitals and clinics
  • Offers 10-30 years of service, depending on the heaviness of the usage
  • Slip and skid resistant
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Can be installed in many different areas, including commercial buildings, hospitals, auto repair shops, homes, garages, and more
  • Investment Factors

    Gilbert garage floor coatings offer tremendous investment opportunity to any space in your home or commercial building. This can range from making your garage more attractive and easier to work in, increasing curb appeal, being easier to clean, boosting the life of your concrete slab, and more. Epoxy floor coatings will add value to your home or business and make your daily work more enjoyable.

    Another way to add metallic epoxy to your home is by waterproofing your basement, which will protect it from water damage or the growth of mold or mildew, and can even protect your home’s foundation from concrete expansion. A complete concrete resurfacing can give you a return investment of up to 70% and increase the value of your home by 5% or more!

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