5 Reasons a Metallic Epoxy Coating is Right for Your Home

Are you looking for a beautiful yet strong floor that can stand up to all types of daily beatings? If so, an East Mesa epoxy garage floor coating is the answer! Ideal for both residential and commercial establishments, metallic epoxy Cave Creek stained concrete is beneficial for many reasons. Our epoxy experts at Barefoot Surfaces have five simple reasons to share why these East Mesa polyaspartic garage floor coatings are ideal for every homeowner.

5 Reasons a Metallic Epoxy Coating is Right for Your Home


When epoxy is compared to other flooring options available to homeowners, it rises far above the rest in the durability and strength category. This is the reason it is typically used in retail stores, lobbies, automotive shops, restaurants, salons, large warehouses, industrial factories, and more. These Gilbert stained concrete floors can easily withstand consistent, repetitive use from foot traffic and heavy machinery alike, and do not wear down or get damaged quickly like other flooring materials.


East Mesa garage floor coatings are prized for being extremely versatile. While they are perfect as a Peoria concrete garage floor coating, or in an industrial building, they also make a beautiful addition to other areas of the home as well. Whether you want metallic epoxy as a unique Mesa stained kitchen floor, bathroom floor, or back porch, it lends a unique look and flair to any space.

Easy Maintenance

One of the biggest positives about metallic epoxy flooring is how simple maintenance and cleaning can be. If something gets spilled, it can easily be wiped up with a towel or a mop. Because these Cave Creek stained garage floor coatings are so smooth, spills are very easily cleaned up with little to no difficulty. Regular maintenance simply involves consistent sweeping and mopping to remove any dirt and debris.


Along with being easy to clean, epoxy floors are extremely resistant to essentially any type of spill. Whether you spill bleach, oil, grease, gasoline, harsh cleaners, transmission fluid, wine, or any other strong liquid, epoxy is highly resistant and will not easily stain or soak it in.

Additionally, epoxy flooring is heat resistant, water resistant, and even fire resistant. Due to the pigments in the epoxy material, the floor will actually expand when exposed to heat, which means the protective barrier on the floor will stay put until the fire is extinguished.


Homeowners love epoxy floors due to their customizable aspect. Because the metallic pigment is simply added into the epoxy mixture right before application, it can be tailored specifically to the wants and desires of the homeowner. The flooring can even be arranged into different designs and patterns during application, so the opportunities are almost endless. It is easy to see why epoxy coating is so appealing to those with a creative side!

With over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry, Barefoot Surfaces is the #1 choice for metallic epoxy flooring. Whether you need a new installation, maintenance, or repairs on a current epoxy floor, our experts are knowledgeable and capable to help. We are committed to excellence and success, and have everything you need for metallic epoxy flooring at Barefoot Surfaces. Our team is continually evolving and growing to meet current trends and technologies, so contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you!

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