Is Traction Necessary For Your Garage Floor Epoxy?

Professionals Share 4 Things You Need To Consider When Deciding If You Need a Non-Skid Additive In Your Epoxy Floor Coating

When you consider a Gilbert epoxy garage floor coating, you can be assured it will be a long standing investment, whether it is installed in your home or your business. Coated concrete floors are an excellent choice for both homes and commercials buildings because they are durable and require almost no maintenance. They are also an eco-friendly option when compared to many other types of flooring. When you hire an experienced professional to do the job, you’ll find the installation process to be easy and to make a significant improvement in the overall look and function of your space. You’ll also be happy with the added value that concrete garage floor coatings add to your home or business space.

Professional applying a beautiful concrete floor coating in Gilbert, AZ

When you’re planning a concrete garage floor coating for your home or business, you’ll have multiple decisions to make while you discuss options with your professional Gilbert epoxy garage floor coating company. One of the most significant decisions you’ll need to consider is traction: whether you need a non-skid additive in your epoxy floor coating in Carefree. Whether or not traction is needed is determined on a case by case basis, as each situation is different and garage floors have a wide variety of potential uses. Here are some of the major factors to consider when you are deciding whether your garage floor epoxy job needs traction.

Climate & Weather Conditions: Is Your Concrete Floor In An Outdoor Or Indoor Area?

Is your concrete floor in an indoor area or an outdoor area? If it’s indoors, will your Fountain Hills concrete garage floor coating ever be exposed directly to the outdoors, such as with a large door or rollup situation? These are common layouts in commercial buildings or large residential shop buildings. Concrete flooring that is outside, or will be exposed to the exterior, will often become slippery and even icy in wet conditions caused by rain or snow. This means a major consideration is what climate you live in. For example, if your flooring project will be used in a snowy northern climate, is outside or will have exposure to the outdoors, or if your flooring will ever become wet from the weather, you’ll want to strongly consider adding traction to your garage floor coating mix. It’s helpful to think about how your finished garage floor will be used throughout the year in different seasons and weather conditions.

The Possibility Of Spills Can Get Your Floor Slippery

Even if your garage floor will be used completely indoors, or is located in a dry Arizona climate, garage floor coatings can still get slippery from spills. For example, virtually all auto mechanic shops will periodically experience spillage of motor oil, brake cleaner, windshield wiper fluids, and other liquids onto their concrete flooring. Another example is homeowners who have occasionally pets in their garage or use their garage space for performing their own vehicle maintenance or as a space for hobbies. Any type of liquid that spills onto a Peoria concrete garage floor coating leaves the risk of slipping.

A Smooth Garage Floor Coating Can Increase The Possibility Of Accidents

Consider how your garage floor space will be used both on a daily basis and for different events for projects throughout the year. Think about how any equipment may be used on your concrete garage floor coating and whether that equipment is ever at risk of shifting or falling. If your equipment will be moved across the floor or may be vulnerable to falling, an excessively smooth garage floor coating could be the cause of accidents or injuries. Another consideration for homeowners is whether their children will routinely walk and play in the garage, leaving them at risk of injury from a slippery floor.

Traction Additives Can Help Create a Safer Walking Surface

Whether installed indoors or outdoors, high traffic concrete areas will also benefit from traction additives if there will be a lot of people coming through the building throughout the day. Slippery floors pose risks to the elderly, anyone with difficulty walking, and young children. Even shoes or boots with some traction can still cause their wearers to slip on very smooth flooring. Older children who move quickly through buildings or women who wear high heels are also at risk of slipping on excessively slippery concrete garage floor coatings. Businesses may want to avoid the annoyance of using an unattractive caution sign in their workspace and prevent liability or insurance issues by pre-emptively adding traction to their Gilbert epoxy garage floor coating.

Hire Concrete Floor Coating Experts in Gilbert, AZ

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