Epoxy Floor Coating Ideas To Unleash Your Creativity

Original Epoxy Floor Designs To Enhance Your Home Or Business Looks

When it comes to flooring for your home, garage, shop, or commercial building, there are many beautiful and functional options to choose from. Some of the most popular flooring types are hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl planking or tile, marble, or ceramic tile. While many of these types of flooring are attractive, durable, and affordable, a significant downfall is that they are only available in a limited number of colors, patterns, and textures. If you’re looking for a truly unique and customizable flooring for your build or remodel, look no further than Chandler epoxy garage floor coatings! Not just for garages, hospitals, and shops, an epoxy flooring coating is a beautiful, waterproof, and long-lasting flooring option for any room of your home that is also very affordable.

Epoxy floor coatings have come into the spotlight in the last several years because they offer endless design options and color schemes for a truly unique and jaw-dropping floor. When you opt to have an epoxy floor coating installed in your home or business, you can showcase your personality and artistic design. Unleash your creativity and add something special to your home with an epoxy floor coating. Here are some design ideas from your Gilbert epoxy flooring coating experts.

Garage epoxy floor ideas in Gilbert, AZ

Love Sparkle? Try Glitter Epoxy Floor

Do you have a room in your home that needs an update, but you’re not sure where to start? Consider Gilbert stained concrete or epoxy glitter! The effect of epoxy glitter can be subtle or dramatic depending on how you choose to design it. An epoxy glitter floor completely transforms your bedroom, dining room, restaurant, or kitchen. Different sized and color flakes are available to fuel your imagination. One of the most popular advantages of adding glitter to your epoxy is the way it brightens up a room with its natural light reflection. Glitter can also be used to help hide blemishes in your flooring.

Add a Pattern To Your Flooring

In the past, epoxy floor coatings could only be found in industrial facilities such as factories or hospitals. Today, epoxy flooring is being creatively used to design patterns that entice clients into businesses and showrooms. Some business owners have added their company’s logo to their business floor or used designs to increase the sophistication of their establishment. Like Cave Creek stained concrete floors, epoxy floors with designs add warm, dimension, and modern style to your business space. Patterns and designs are popular options when you need something that provides both a professional appeal as well as low maintenance and a hygienic surface.

Three Dimensional Floor Design

A very exciting trend for residential and commercial flooring is adding 3D images onto an unfinished concrete floor and then finishing it off with an epoxy coating. This can be polished to your specifications to finalize the look. This impressive idea will add fun and excitement wherever it is installed. The options are limited only by your imagination! Nature and marine life are popular options, but you can choose any idea that reflects your style, interest, and personality. Since epoxy floor coatings last for decades, you can be confident that your unique design will continue to serve you well with minimal maintenance for a long time.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

If you’re considering installing a epoxy garage floor coating, definitely check out a metallic epoxy floor option. This design offers the strength and durability of 100% epoxy, along with all of its resistance to slipping, impact, scratching, and other types of damage, while also adding 3D color designs, ripples, and water-like images. All of this can be done by manipulating or adjusting the pigment in your epoxy coating. The final result is a true work of art that will be unique to your home or business.

Design Your Epoxy Floor Coating With Barefoot Surfaces In Gilbert

If you’re ready to get creative with your epoxy floor or concrete surface, the experts at Barefoot Surfaces are the people to get the job done right. We specialize in all types of epoxy coatings and stained concrete. Our team provides impeccable workmanship and uses only the highest quality materials so you can get a long-lasting, durable floor that you’ve loved for many years. Contact us today to get started!

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