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As a homeowner, your Gilbert garage floor coating is likely not your top priority, or even somewhere in the middle of the priority list. We are willing to bet that it is fairly close to the bottom, since there are so many other aspects to consider when designing or remodeling a home. However, your garage floor design is still an important area to be planned since it withstands such a high amount of foot traffic and heavy duty vehicle circulation.

Epoxy garage floor coating is one of the best choices you could make for your garage floor. Epoxy offers a plethora of benefits for your home and comes highly recommended by most Gilbert garage floor companies. Read below to find out why!

Garage Floor Coatings


The first advantage of epoxy and Gilbert polyaspartic garage floor coatings is its amazing versatility. Unlike the popular stained concrete floors, epoxy is offered in a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs, and textures.

While concrete garage floor coatings have to be surface-painted if you prefer different colors, the color in epoxy is actually ingrained into the material and combined with the hardening solution, which creates a permanent hue that cannot chip off or fade away. However, if you prefer a specific pattern such as parking lines or other designs, those patterns will be painted onto the surface and will require some easy maintenance over time.

Lastly, epoxy also comes in multi-color coatings and even confetti designs! The options are simply endless for your Gilbert stained garage floor coatings.


Typically, the garage sustains the heaviest amount of daily wear and tear and foot traffic compared to any other area in your home. Think of all the ways your garage is used: to park your car, lawnmowers, hold painting projects, a spot to put garbage till pickup day, oil and grease leaks, sports tournaments for your kids, and so much more. Epoxy is the best choice for your garage floor because not only will it easily stand up to all these beatings, but it will also thrive and not dull or fade over time.

Although epoxy garage floors do have the potential to scratch, they are slip-resistant and not easily damaged. Epoxy coatings are typically used in industrial companies where there is constant heavy machinery use and other substantial traffic, so it is more than capable of withstanding daily life in your garage. As a homeowner, you already have many things on your plate to consider for the care of your home. Why not choose a garage floor that won’t add to your stress?


One of the most appealing aspects of epoxy floor coatings is how easy it is to clean. It is non-absorbent and non-porous, meaning that any spills can easily be wiped up without fear of leaving an unsightly stain. Since any oil, grease, or chemical spills are likely to happen in the garage, an epoxy floor coating is the best choice for any homeowner. Unlike Gilbert stained concrete, epoxy floors are also slip-resistant which creates a safe space for anyone working in the area.


Finally, epoxy floor coatings can be applied on top of any other surface. You will not need to remove the old surface before installing a new one. That means if your garage floor is currently a different material such as metal, concrete, or tile, you can hire a professional epoxy contractor who will easily coat the floor with a brand-new epoxy coating. Then you will have a new, attractive, safe surface for all activities in your garage.

As a provider of Gilbert garage floor coatings for many years, the professionals at Barefoot Surfaces are experienced and knowledgeable with epoxy application and repairs. We offer affordable pricing, excellent customer service, and a commitment to beautiful, high-quality floors in your garage or throughout your home. If you need an epoxy floor coating in your garage, contact our team for a quote. You will not regret it!

4 Advantages of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings | Barefoot Surfaces

Posted: October 24, 2019
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