Garage Cabinets

Garage Cabinets

Picture yourself working on your car in your garage. You lumber over to your toolbox and rummage through it in search of the right tool. Everything is disorganized and placed haphazardly within the box, and you wish there was a better solution. Fortunately, Barefoot Surfaces not only provides quality flooring for any room in your home, but top notch garage cabinetry for all of your organizational needs in your garage.

A lot of us like the look and feel of a clean and organized space. If you are a grease monkey and spend numerous hours in your garage, there is probably a good chance that you need some kind of storage and organizational system. Barefoot Surfaces can proudly offer garage cabinets for your arrangement needs. Get the proper storage and organization you need for your garage with our help!

Making the most out of the space in your garage can sometimes be tricky, especially when considering that’s where your vehicles belong. Storing house tools, yard tools, Christmas lights, and other things can be annoying. You want them to be accessible for frequent use, and garage cabinetry is the perfect solution for this.

The friendly experts at Barefoot Surfaces are proud to offer their help with your garage organization needs. With top quality cabinets for your garage, arranging and locating your tools for future use will be a breeze. Custom cabinets are the way to go for maximizing the space in your garage and creating the best work area possible.

With 100% five star ratings on Yelp, your satisfaction will be guaranteed with Barefoot Surfaces. From epoxy garage flooring, to stained concrete for any room in your home, Barefoot Surfaces is here to help you get the most out of the space in your garage.

Every holiday season, you probably head into your garage and start digging through boxes to find lights and decorations. Along the way, you probably stumble onto a lot of junk you didn’t know you even had in there – and then you put it back because you don’t have time to deal with it in that moment. Or maybe you do some work in your garage, but you spend more time looking for the tools and supplies you need than actually working on your project.

Getting a great garage cabinet organization system will help you make a place for everything you need to have in your garage so that it is where you need it every time you need it. In addition, the right garage cabinet system will help you de-clutter the space so that it looks more inviting and orderly. Barefoot Surfaces is proud to be a certified installer of the Slide-Lok garage cabinet system, which is as attractive as it is sturdy and practical.

Looking through our gallery, you will see how beautiful the Slide-Lok garage cabinets are. These modular cabinets can be stacked and configured the way you like to get the look you want and to have things just where you need them. Inside shelves are also adjustable to meet your needs, and there are wall shelves that can be used to hang tools and other supplies.

All of the cabinets have a modern look that feels as at home in your garage as it would in any other room of your home. Explore our gallery to get a sense of what designs and configurations are possible. Imagine how beautiful and clean your garage will look once your boxes, tools, and other items that are usually stacked up against the walls are carefully organized in a designer cabinet system that is created to fit your space.

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