Maintaining Concrete VS Tile Floors

Like every Arizona homeowner, we are always looking for our cute and cozy place. A very important part that never goes unnoticed in our home is the flooring. There are several flooring types in Arizona, and among the most common are tile and concrete.

maintaining concrete vs tile floors

Concrete Flooring

phoenix concrete flooring coatingAlthough concrete floors may look attractive, it is not so easy to make them look like Pinterest images. We must keep in mind that it is a difficult material to repair, and in addition to that Phoenix concrete floor coatings require grinding and honing the surface. This means that repairing and concrete cleaning could be difficult to do yourself. To really Phoenix clean concrete floors requires special maintenance by an experienced team with the necessary tools.

Cleaning concrete periodically will extend its service life and enhance its beauty. It can be difficult to tell when concrete is in need of cleaning because the dirt and grime can build up slowly. However, the results of a freshly cleaned concrete floor are very noticeable once the cleaning is finished.

Four Methods to Keep Your Concrete Floors Clean

Keeping concrete looking like new consists of four steps:

1. Cleaning Concrete at least once per year: To remove regular dirt, grime, and rust or other stains that have built up.

2. Crack Repair: This will maintain the surface structure and prevent water from entering the cracks. This will also reduce dirt as long as, once repaired, it is cleaned regularly.

3. Sealing The Joints: To minimize water intrusion through the joints, eliminate dirt collecting and weeds sprouting up through the joints, sealing them up is a great solution.

4. Sealing the Concrete Surface: This repels water, provides resistance to abrasion and makes the concrete impervious to UV sunlight. Makes the concrete last longer.

Tile Flooring

On the other hand, we have tile floors that look very good in a home, are durable, and easy to care for. Individual floor tiles are simpler to repair or replace if they become damaged, compared to a concrete floor.

8 Commons Tile Cleaning Methods

phx tile cleaning near meNetworx lists 8 common tiled floor problems and their solutions in its article “8 Tile Floor Repair Tips”

1. Small chips in tile: Use a nail polish of a color that matches the tile. Dab delicately on the chipped spot. If the color fades over time, remove with acetone and you can repeat this solution again fast.

2. Larger chips or holes in tile: Pack large chips or holes with ceramic filling. Once dry, sand and protect with a coat of varnish.

3. Cracked tile: Use silicone filler to fill cracks in the tile floor. Oil-based or urethane-based paint will withstand pedestrian traffic better.

4. Broken tile: When the floor tiles are cracked or have missing pieces, they must be replaced.

5. Outdated or worn tile: If your floor has begun to show signs of wear or if you’re tired of your outdated style, you can fix it with paint. It is advisable to use a roller or a spray to cover the old tiles with oil or urethane based paint. After approximately 24 hours, seal your tile floor.

6. Loose tile: Lift the floor tile loose with a chisel or putty knife. Remove the old adhesive and cover the subfloor and the bottom of the tile with the new adhesive, before placing the tile in its previous location.

7. Stained, Crumbling, or Cracked Grout: Remove the old grout and apply a new one. Avoid walking on the new grout for 48-72 hours according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once dry, seal it against dirt and moisture.

8. Tile floor that needs complete replacement: If the existing tile surface is still reasonably solid, just clean it, dry it and apply the new tile on top. In this way, it will save the time, trouble and mess of removing the old floor.

Some of these issues may be better suited in the hands of a specialist, as they have the knowledge and tools to leave your floor looking refreshed. Look the for the best tile floor cleaning company in Phoenix to handle the tile floor cleaning at your house.

Barefoot Surfaces and Desert Tile and Grout Care are available to serve you. Contact Barefoot Surfaces to get the best concrete floors stain or Phoenix concrete floor coatings. Contact Desert Tile and Grout Care to get your tile floors cleaned in Phoenix. Both are local flooring companies with experience. So if you are looking for an excellent floor maintenance and good customer service, feel free to contact them.

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