5 Ways a Concrete Coating Can Add Class to Your Business

Enhace the Elegance and Beauty of Your Commercial Floor With Concrete Coating

If your business focuses on manufacturing, mechanics, or something in the industrial space, you aren’t likely to be thinking of how your space looks. However, if any part of your space is customer-facing, you need to be thinking of it. Even if customers only walk through part of your property some of the time, what they see can make a big impact on what they think about your business and whether they want to continue doing business with you.

Enhaced commercial floor with concrete coating

One of the components of your business that has the biggest impact on how it looks is the flooring. You likely have a drab, concrete floor in your business now – or something equally dreary. Adding an epoxy coating to your concrete – or ripping up your old floor and putting a coating on the concrete below – can improve your business’ profile. Here are five ways that a Cave Creek concrete coating can add class to your business:

Create a Beautiful Appearance

Epoxy coatings instantly create a more beautiful appearance for the floors. They create a glossy surface with a lovely shine. You can even get coatings in different colors and with different patterns or textures. The floor will instantly look better with an Carefree epoxy coating.

In addition, a floor with an epoxy coating will make the entire space look more high-profile. The glossy finish has a sophisticated style that you usually only find in upscale businesses. If you have such a floor, you are going to send a message to customers that you care about the finer details, and you will extend that same care to your product or service.

Provides Resistance to Fluids and Heat

Your business likely deals in a lot of chemicals or oils, or it may use heavy equipment. All of that can put your floors through a lot of problems. Oils and chemicals can stain or etch the floors, and heat from the equipment can cause burns, cracks, or other damage.

By adding epoxy coatings to your floors, you can protect the concrete from stains, heat damage, and more. You’ll save your business money, and you elevate its profile by reducing the damage that can pop up without you even realizing it.

Improves Durability of the Flooring

Again, if your floor is crumbling and cracking, it’s going to make your business look derelict and neglected. That’s not going to help you attract customers. Applying an epoxy floor coating not only protects the floor from damage but also improves its overall durability and extends its lifespan. You’ll have a healthier floor for longer, which will reflect well on your business.

Saves Money

The benefits of epoxy floor coatings in Carefree are going to save you a lot of money. While protecting your bottom line isn’t necessarily going to make your business look classier immediately, it will have that affect in the long run. You’ll be able to put the money you save into other improvements around your business. You can improve the look of your business, make a nicer welcoming area for customers, invest in better equipment to create better results, and so on.

Enhances Lighting

The lighting in a room can make a big impact on the ambience. When you add epoxy coatings to your floors, the sheen creates a reflection that enhances the overall lighting in the space. The room will look brighter overall, as well as bigger. The whole space will seem cleaner, nicer, and more inviting. You get all that just by adding epoxy coatings to the floor in Carefree.

Cave Creek Concrete floor coatings can offer your business a lot of benefits. Not only will you enjoy your space more after you install the epoxy coatings – and save a lot of money – but your customers will also enjoy the space more. You’ll create a better impression on prospective clients, and that will bring in more business, helping you to reap an even greater return on your investment.

Barefoot Surfaces offers a variety of concrete floor finishes in Gilbert. We offer concrete floor finishes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to help you get just the look you want while also offering protection and longevity. We can transform your floors and your entire space. Call us in Gilbert to schedule a consultation and learn how we can elevate your floors.

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