Carefree Epoxy Floors

Carefree Epoxy Floors

by Barefoot Surfaces

Are you looking for an alternative solution to your fragile and unappealing garage floors? Do you wish there was a better way to have strong and durable floors while also maintaining the overall look and aesthetic of a beautiful garage work space? With Barefoot Surfaces, having Carefree epoxy floors installed is simple and effective. Our epoxy floors can withstand many types of damage that may be inflicted on your floors. From dropped tools, spilled chemicals, and the unavoidable daily wear and tear, our Carefree epoxy floors are perfect to keep your garage looking clean and fresh.
Carefree Epoxy Floors done by Barefoot Surfaces

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Arizona can be home to some of the most torrid weather, and with it comes the need for being able to work indoors. But who wants to work indoors when your garage floor is susceptible to all kinds of damage, and are overall not very pleasing to look at. That’s where epoxy flooring comes in. This versatile and beautiful material can transform your garage into a luxurious and enduring haven where you can take refuge from the heat. The experts at Barefoot Services are qualified and trustworthy, bringing you the very best epoxy flooring for your garage.

Carefree Epoxy Floors | Barefoot Surfaces

Epoxy & Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

With Epoxy and Polyaspartic Floor coatings, having the garage of your dreams is just one step away. Maintaining quality flooring in your garage can sometimes be difficult with the range of accidents that may occur. But epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings can provide the protection and strength that is necessary when working in a garage. Capable of keeping your floors safe from chemical spills, both small and large impacts, every day wear and tear, and other damage that may occur. Epoxy and polyaspartic flooring is the perfect choice for a heavy duty work space in your garage.

Concrete Staining

If epoxy floors aren’t right for you, staining your current concrete can be an easy and inexpensive option for both your garage and any room in your home. Stained concrete flooring is a durable option for those work spaces in your garage that may be susceptible to unwanted damage. Not only are they great for garage spaces, but they also look fantastic and alluring inside your home, too. Instead of paying the costly price of under flooring, plus the initial flooring, stained concrete is an easy and cost effective solution that will transform your floors into the luxurious staple of your home.

Picture of a Carefree epoxy floor done by Barefoot Surfaces

Epoxy Coating For Your Carefree Garage

Get epoxy coatings for your Carefree garage at Barefoot Surfaces. Durable and gorgeous, these floors are perfect for any size garage.

Picture of Carefree Stained Concrete Done By Barefoot Surfaces

Carefree Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete flooring with Barefoot Surfaces can turn your home into a beautiful, polished haven for everyone to enjoy.

Picture of Carefree Decorative Concrete Overlay Done By Barefoot Surfaces

Carefree Decorative Concrete Overlays

With decorative concrete overlays by Barefoot Surfaces, transforming you original concrete is simple and cost effective.

85377 Epoxy Floors

For the best epoxy floors in the 85377 area, come to Barefoot Surfaces, where we can provide you with the most durable, top quality epoxy flooring for any industrial, commercial, or residential work space. Impervious to chemical spills, every day wear and tear, oil spills, and large impacts, 85377 epoxy floors are the perfect solution for your work environment. Making sure that your floors are protected and can last as long as possible is our number one priority. Essential for any heavy duty work, epoxy floors are an easy and effective solution for the flooring in your garage.


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    For the best epoxy coatings in your garage, or any commercial or industrial work spaces, come to Barefoot Surfaces. With many different styles, colors, and applications, the multitude of concrete stains, epoxies, overlays, and seals, finding the right flooring for your home or business is easy with Barefoot Surfaces.

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