Top 3 Questions to Ask before Applying a Garage Floor Coating

Garage floor coatings can transform your drab concrete floors. They can add a sheen to your floors so they look more attractive and professional, and they can make your floors easier to clean. If you choose stained garage floor coatings or some other decorative option, you can even elevate your floors to create a sophisticated design scheme that you would expect to see only in luxury homes.

Adding epoxy floor coatings to your garage or other concrete floors in your home can also increase the value of your property. But you need to make sure that you are going about the job the right way to get the best return. Here are the three top questions you should ask before applying a garage floor coating:

Garage Concrete Floor

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

The Internet age has made everyone believe they can do anything thanks to the glut of easily available information, tutorials, step-by-step videos, and more. You can easily find information about how to apply your own epoxy floor coatings, as well as where to get all the supplies at the best prices. You may watch a few videos and think that it looks easy enough to try yourself.

But just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean that you should. Epoxy floor coatings in Chandler require the right preparation and application to ensure that they adhere properly and have a long lifespan. You need to hire a professional to install your garage floor coatings if you want to reap the full benefits of the coatings and you want to protect your investment.

How Long Will the Floor Last?

When epoxy floor coatings are properly applied, they will last three years or more before they need to be touched up. However, if you try to apply the floors yourself, or if you hire someone who makes mistakes in the application, the coatings will have a much shorter lifespan.
If you keep up with your AZ garage floor coatings, the important thing is that you can extend the life of your concrete floors. You can add years to the life of your floors, saving yourself a lot of money and maintenance over time.

How Will It Look When It’s Done?

You have a lot of options when it comes to epoxy garage floor coatings. You can get a simple, clear coating that just adds a polish to your floors, making them look cleaner and more professional. Or you can choose from a variety of colors, stains, stamps, and textures to get a variety of looks.

Talk to your floor coating professional in Arizona to find out about your options for the look of your floors. Ask questions about the preparation and application process for each, as well as the costs, the time to install, the maintenance, and more. You can determine what options will give you the best look while also meeting your other needs.

Investing in concrete garage floor coatings offers many benefits. If you are putting the coatings on your garage floors in your home, you’ll increase the value of your property, improve the styling of your home, and reduce your overall home maintenance. If you are putting the coatings on your garage floors in your business, you can improve the first impression your customers have by creating a more professional appearance for your space. At the same time, you can reduce your overall maintenance, as well, and extend the life of your floors.

If you are thinking of getting epoxy garage floor coatings for your Gilbert home or business, call Barefoot Surfaces. Our technicians are experts in polyaspartic garage floor coatings, including decorative options like stained concrete, stamping, and textures. We apply garage floor coatings, as well as coatings for concrete floors in your kitchen, bathroom, patio, and other spaces. We can apply plain, glossy coatings, or we can help you choose a stain or pattern that complements your space. We’ll help you make the right choice for your home or business and your budget. Contact us in Gilbert today to learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate. You can also explore our gallery of past work online.

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