3 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Garage Floor Look Like New

Garages aren’t known to be clean or even stylish spaces. Most people don’t even manage to get their cars parked inside their garages, which is their intended purpose. Instead, garages end up being dumping grounds for storage, work tools, lawn equipment, cans of paint, cleaners, and just about any junk that doesn’t fit elsewhere in the house. Dust and dirt accumulate, and grease, cleaners, and other caustic liquids spill out onto the floor, causing it to stain and age.

3 Most Effective Ways Garage Floor New

Keeping your garage tidy can keep the floor and the rest of the space look clean and new. Here are three other things you can do to restore the look of your garage floor if it has already become stained or dulled:

1. Clean It

You might be amazed at what a simple cleaning can do for your AZ garage floor. Taking off layers of dirt and caustic liquids can reveal the natural color of the floor. But you can’t expect to get those results with just sweeping and mopping. You’ll need a pressure washer or specialty cleaners to take off those stubborn stains.

Most hardware stores sell concrete degreaser that can be used to get your garage floors looking great. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t able to find concrete degreaser, you can use laundry detergent or trisodium phosphate (TSP) to clean your concrete, as well. Don’t use other cleaners since they may prove to be caustic and actually damage your floors over time. Dilute the recommended cleaners in warm water and get to work on the floors with a stiff scrub brush. You can let the solution stand on the concrete for an extended time to work on especially tough stains.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your floors, they are likely to look as good as new. You may be shocked to see the color you forgot that your floors were.

2. Stain It

Sometimes, concrete can become discolored beyond repair. You can scrub and scrub, but you can only lighten the stains on your garage floor. If you keep scrubbing or using stronger cleaners, you run the risk of damaging your floors or weakening them so that they start to crumble over time.

You can have your garage floors professionally stained so that the old dirt and grime is covered up. The stain will essentially dye the floor a new color, covering up all the old spots while also giving it a new look. Your garage floors will be brand new.

While you can stain your garage floors yourself, you shouldn’t. The process is complicated, and without the right training and experience, you can easily make a mistake that will make your garage floors look terrible and potentially damage them. Hire the professionals to do the work for you.

3. Invest in Epoxy Floor Coatings

Think about the difference between a dull yet clean floor and a glossy, clean floor. Which one looks newer? The glossy surface will always make the floor look newer. Things tend to dull and discolor with age. So, the glossier the floor is, the newer it will look.

You can transform your garage floor by investing in epoxy floor coatings near Gilbert. Your floor must first be thoroughly cleaned and prepared before the floor coatings can be applied. You can then choose a clear gloss or a stain with the coating, creating a variety of looks.

Never attempt to apply your own epoxy floor coatings! If you do not properly prepare your floors or use the right tools and materials, you can damage your floor. You also risk having the coatings start to fail after a few months or a few years, costing you a lot of money.

Barefoot Surfaces can transform your garage floors with stains or coatings. We are the Gilbert epoxy garage floor coatings expert, and we provide floor stains and coatings in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. We can make your dull, grimy floors look like new again – in some cases, better than new! You may be amazed that your garage floors could look as good as they do. We offer Gilbert garage remodeling services that include garage cabinets, concrete overlays, and more. You can do more than makeover your floors. Call us today if you are interested in Gilbert epoxy floors or you want to know more about Gilbert garage cabinets and remodeling.

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