How to Clean Your Gilbert Garage Cabinets Like a Pro

How to Clean Your Gilbert Garage Cabinets Like a Pro

How to Clean Your Gilbert Garage Cabinets Like a Pro!

Here is some garage cabinet cleaning advice from our professionals!
Gilbert, Arizona

Woohoo, you did it. You got Gilbert garage cabinets installed and turned your garage in a usable extension of your home. Everything has its place and you can even park your car(s) in the garage again. Sadly, your new cabinets won’t remain as shiny as they were, the day you got them installed. The kids drag in mud, the dog shakes off rainwater and sticky fingers are to be found all over the surfaces. What a great Saturday project this is, cleaning the cabinets. True! But what is the best way to clean the garage cabinets that will make them look shiny without damaging their beautiful surface. Here is some garage cabinet cleaning advice from our professionals:

Remove Dust and Debris:

As odd as it may sound, prepare your cabinets for the cleaning. Remove dust and loose dirt from their surface, You can do this with a feather duster, a swiffer type cloth or a vacuum attachment. All of these options work just fine. Be certain to get in all the nooks and crevices and do not forget the inside of your cabinets. If your cabinets are fairly knew, the odds are pretty good that you are done. If they are bit older you probably will have to put in a bit more elbow grease to ensure your cabinets are clean and shiny.

Grease, Grime and Oil:

Now that you have removed dust from your Gilbert garage cabinets, you want to make sure to remove grime and grease residue. Sometimes all you need to do this is some mild soap and water mixture in a spray bottle. If you are dealing with greasy stuff, try some dish soap instead of hand soap, and for the tough spots, rubbing alcohol. Alcohol dries was and streak free. For cleaning, use a soft sponge or a terry cloth (the cloth might make scrubbing easier). You might have to put some effort in this, but the results will be worth it.

Of course, you can also use commercially available degreasers, but rubbing alcohol generally works well and is cheap to boot.

General Cleaning:

Gilbert Garage cabinet cleaning tips
After the dirt and grime is gone wipe (or spray) the inside and outside of the cabinets down with your soap/water mix. Wipe them with a fresh and clean cloth and then rinse them off with clear, warm water. This ensures that not only the dirt, but also any cleaner residues are gone. Then wipe dry with a soft clean cloth again.

Step back and admire- and if you see smudges, just go over them again. It might take a few times to get everything off, but once it is gone, it will be worth it. To protect your cabinets you may also want to apply a specifically formulated coat, which will not only make them look shiny but repel dirt and make them look fresh cleaned for longer.

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