4 Undeniable Signs That It’s Time to Resurface Your Concrete Flooring

Concrete is a highly popular Gilbert garage floor coating due to its longevity, strength, and durability. Gilbert concrete garage floor coatings are also quite inexpensive and affordable to install, and easy to maintain. However, over the years, concrete will begin to show signs of wear and need to be resurfaced. What are these signs?

beautiful concrete stain floor


Over time, with daily wear and tear and exposure, concrete inevitably cracks. It is a built-in response, due to its nature to shrink when temperatures cool and expand when it gets hot. This tends to happen faster in climates that commonly experience freezing and thawing, but can easily happen anywhere.

While smaller cracks in concrete are really not a big deal, it is much more concerning when the cracks become invasive. These large cracks can cause structural damages that lead to expensive repair needs. It is recommended to contact a professional one you begin to see multiple cracks in your Gilbert stained concrete flooring.


If your Cave Creek stained concrete floors are able to avoid cracking even over 20 years, it will still need to be resurfaced after that amount of time. Twenty years is the maximum amount of time that a concrete floor should go without being resurfaced by a professional. Once you hit that point, schedule a professional to resurface your concrete. Plus, it is a great time to redesign the area if you want something different!


When Gilbert garage floor staining is exposed to multiple elements, it deteriorates at a faster rate than normal. Things such as weather exposure, impact, pressure, and constant moisture have a direct impact on the life of concrete floors.

For example, Gilbert stained garage floor coatings in automotive shops typically wear down faster than other environments, due to the constant heavy pressure of vehicles, along with fluid spills and impact from dropped tools. A concrete patio is also going to wear down quickly due to constant exposure to weather and temperature fluctuations. A basement concrete floor will likely show less wear due to its more consistent temperature and less exposure.

If your concrete is looking worn down, contact a professional right away. The best method to refresh a tired concrete floor is to resurface it!

Changing Tastes

Lastly, you may consider resurfacing your concrete floor simply because you need to refresh the space and redesign the room. There are so many available options for resurfacing, with a large variety of colors, shades, blends, stamping, overlays, and so much more, so have fun with the process!

Resurfacing your concrete floor can be a functional choice or a decorative whim. It is best to hire a professional when doing so, to ensure it is done correctly and thoroughly. A fresh concrete surface can last up to 20 years when maintained appropriately, so be sure to hire a trained professional with an excellent reputation, such as Barefoot Surfaces. With expert workmanship, high-quality materials, and affordable rates, Barefoot Surfaces is the #1 choice for concrete resurfacing in the Phoenix area. We take our work very seriously, love what we do, and are committed to providing excellent service throughout the entire resurfacing process. Call us today at (602) 931-7656 to learn more!

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