Don’t Believe These 5 Falsehoods About Epoxy Flooring

Chandler epoxy garage floor coatings are a newly popular trend, and can completely transform a regular cement floor to a unique, attractive stained concrete floor. Typical concrete can easily crack, stain, or crumble, which leads to an unsightly and unsafe environment. However, with a high-quality Chandler polyaspartic garage floor coating, the longevity of your floor will be increased tenfold, not to mention the minimal maintenance requirements and eye-catching appeal.

Unfortunately, some people avoid epoxy due to some common misconceptions they have heard about it. Because of this, the professionals at Barefoot Surfaces have come together to address the top five most common misunderstandings about epoxy and Gilbert stained garage floor coatings.

Epoxy Flooring and it´s 5 Falsehoods

Epoxy Must Be Refinished Every Few Years.

Many people try to avoid epoxy Gilbert garage floor coatings because they believe the epoxy coating must be reapplied every few years. This is simply not true. Some types of floor coatings do have to be redone every so often, but epoxy is not one of them. If you hire a reputable, experienced professional to install your Gilbert stained kitchen floors, you can trust that the epoxy will last up to ten years with minimal maintenance and no reapplication necessary.

Epoxy is incredibly durable, and can easily withstand daily wear and tear, heavy vehicles and machinery, spills of all types, and even airplanes. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your Gilbert stained concrete for many years.

Epoxy Floors are a Death Trap.

Though many types of flooring are quite slippery when wet, including tile and concrete, epoxy flooring is not. It is naturally slip-resistant, and can even be installed with additional slip-resistant material. These tiny raised bumps in the epoxy coating create an extremely safe flooring material, making it a perfect choice for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other industrial buildings that host frequent foot traffic.

Epoxy is Expensive.

Though epoxy may be more expensive initially than other flooring types, remember that it will last a good ten years with proper care. Many other less expensive floor options require costly repairs and regular professional maintenance, which ultimately leads to an overwhelming investment that offers little return.

Investing in epoxy will pay you back in the long run with its amazing durability, easy maintenance, and unique appearance. Do not settle for cheaper options; make the wise choice and invest in epoxy right from the start.

Epoxy Can Be Substituted With Paint for a Cheaper Option.

While paint can certainly resemble Chandler garage floor staining and epoxy, it offers none of the benefits that epoxy flooring does. Paint cannot protect the concrete floor from stains or abrasions, it offers no slip-resistant benefits, and it will need to re-applied quite often to keep its fresh and clean appearance.

Epoxy coatings actually bond with the concrete floor to create a rock-solid, incredibly durable, resistant surface that withstands daily beatings for years at a time. You also have the option to choose from a variety of colors and designs (even glitter!) for your epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy Installation is a Simple DIY Project.

Do not make this mistake. While you may find epoxy coating kits that appeal to your DIY side, they are actually a much lower quality epoxy and will not offer the same benefits as a professional installation. Additionally, the epoxy must be applied with the correct process and exact timing in order to adhere to the concrete appropriately. Unless you have the necessary tools, experience, and knowledge, it is highly likely that your DIY project will end quite poorly. Take the time, make the investment, and hire a professional to install your Gilbert concrete garage floor coating.

As one of the most durable, practical floor coatings available on the market, epoxy will never steer you wrong. If you have any questions about the process, the benefits, or the cost, contact Barefoot Surfaces for expert advice. Our team is highly trained in epoxy floor coatings, and takes great pride in our impeccable workmanship and unbeatable results. With free estimates, affordable prices, and an excellent track record of five-star workmanship, you cannot go wrong with Barefoot Surfaces. Call us today at (602) 931-7656, or complete the online contact form for more information!

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