The Importance of Repairing Garage Floor Cracks

Do you have cracks in your Gilbert concrete garage floor coating? Have you been meaning to fix them but really just putting it off and ignoring them? You may think, well everyone has them in their Gilbert stained concrete so why does it matter? If fixing those cracks in your Goodyear epoxy garage floor coating has been at the bottom of your to-do list for far too long, you may want to consider moving it up to a higher priority. Here we review several reasons why it is a good idea to address the cracks instead of simply forgetting about them.

The Importance of Repairing Garage Floor Cracks

Avoid More Cracks

In the big picture, these cracks in your Gilbert stained garage floor coating really may not matter. Yes, it is simply a garage floor or basement floor. However, when you look at it more closely, you may realize that the one original crack has doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled into more cracks, big and small.

Think of it like your windshield – once it gets a crack or even just a chip, it will continue to get worse with each bump in the road. In the same way, once your Chandler epoxy garage floor coating has a crack, each time you put weight on the floor or drop a heavy piece of equipment, the epoxy flooring will shift and cause those cracks to get worse. Whether the crack originated from dry weather, damage, excess water, or some other source, the Gilbert stained concrete floor will only become more damaged over time.


Repairing the cracks will not only prevent the floor from further damage, but it will enhance the cosmetic appearance as well. If you are considering selling your house at any point in the future, fixing your damaged Goodyear polyaspartic garage floor coating now will go a long way toward increasing your resale value and overall curb appeal.

Remember that potential buyers will closely examine every possible problem with your home before they make an offer, so if you can repair the cracks now, you can help prevent the possibility of a lowball offer due to damages. Keep in mind what you would look for as a potential buyer, and help yourself out!

Cleaner Environment

Cracks in Gilbert garage floor staining can actually accumulate quite a bit of dust, dirt, rocks, moisture, and other debris. This makes the perfect breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, ultimately creating potential health risks and hazards for your family and pets. Additionally, if you tend to use your garage for mechanical work, being prone to cuts and scrapes while near the dirty garage floor is the ideal combination for infection risks. Do yourself a favor and repair those cracks before you find yourself dealing with a health concern!

Safe Environment

Keep in mind that cracks are also a tripping hazard. Maybe your kids like to play basketball or run around in the garage or basement. However, if cracks are present, they can quickly become wide and uneven, causing people to roll or break their ankles, or get nasty cuts when they fall. Add to that the potential bacteria growth, and again there is a perfect recipe for infection.

Additionally, remember that if you are a mechanic, it is likely that oil, antifreeze, or some other toxic vehicle fluid will be spilled at some point. These can easily seep into the cracks with no way to get cleaned out, creating noxious fumes in the area.

Easy Cleanup

Low-maintenance is hard to beat. Gilbert stained kitchen floors with epoxy coatings are easy to clean and very low-maintenance overall. However, when cracks occur in the concrete flooring, remember that dust and debris easily collect in there. This makes for much more difficult cleanup, because no matter how much sweeping and mopping occur, you will never be able to fully clean out the little cracks.

High Versatility

One of the most popular qualities of epoxy concrete flooring near Carefree is the versatility it yields to an area. Whether it is used in the garage, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or basement, the opportunities for use are endless due to its low maintenance, eye-catching appeal, and other popular qualities. When there are cracks in your concrete flooring, the versatility is lost and it can only be used for things such as storage, vehicle maintenance, and those types of things.

Concrete is a widely popular flooring option for many reasons. If it is cracked, many problems can occur. If you are ready to repair the cracks in your epoxy flooring and increase its value, curb appeal, versatility, and low-maintenance, contact Barefoot Surfaces today. Our team is highly experienced in all types of epoxy flooring installation and repairs, and can easily repair those cracks in your concrete. Visit us today to learn how our services will help you, and remember to ask about our affordable pricing options!

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