What You Need To Know Before Staining Concrete Floor

Stained Concrete Floor: A Complete Guide

Staining a concrete floor may seem easy, but any contractor will tell you otherwise. It’s tricky, costly, and requires good preparation. The method you use depends on the condition of the surface, desired look, and whether the floor is new or old.

Applying a concrete stain will give your worn-out concrete a shiny appearance while also enhancing the look of your home and preserving the surface’s integrity.

But how can you get stained concrete in Gilbert without ruining the project? What steps are necessary? We will answer these and other questions in the following guide.

We’ve put together this step-by-step guide to show you how to get stained concrete floors in Paradise Valley to enhance your home’s decor.
Mopping Stained Concrete Floor in Arizona

Can I Stain Old Concrete?

Stains give worn-out, drab concrete surfaces a fresh coat of glaze. The best slabs for staining have few to no cracks, scratches, and other imperfections.

Stains do not hide flaws; they improve the appearance of the surface. However, you cannot use it to cover up faulty concrete’s flaws or the surface’s natural color or texture. Make sure the surface you intend to coat is devoid of these flaws, whether new or old.

Different Concrete Stains

You can select acid or water-based stains depending on how you see the finished product.


These stains mildly scratch the surface, making it easier for the stain to penetrate. Once it undergoes a chemical reaction with the pores, it permanently fuses with the concrete, making it resistant to fading, peeling, and chipping. They decorate the concrete with earthy tones like terra cotta, tans, and gentle blue greens.


This category offers a wide range of colors and is available in dozens of conventional shades, including black, white, and metallic tints. Water-based stains are one of the most common options for stained concrete in Scottsdale.

They penetrate the surface to provide a permanent color, ranging from translucent to opaque pigments.

How To Clean a Concrete Surface

Preparing the concrete for staining is crucial. As previously mentioned, the stain does not conceal cracks and imperfections, nor does it disguise undesirable stains caused by dirt, oil, grease, organic waste, or weather exposure. After you’ve cleaned the stain, follow these steps:

  • Apply the coat liberally, allowing it to cover the concrete.
  • Let the surface dry completely before hosing down the area and cleaning up any leftovers.
  • Finally, use a roller or a pump garden sprayer to apply the sealant.

    Stain Colors

    Stains are an excellent technique to create aesthetic effects on concrete indoors and outdoors. Keep things simple by using only one color in a particular shade that will go well with the style of your property.

    Earthy tones are in high demand since they combine well with numerous structures. Natural colors also draw attention to the pattern on surfaces that resemble wood or stone, giving them a more authentic appearance.

    Before planning your budget or purchasing the tools to stain your concrete floor, think about the best tones for your project. This way, you can obtain a beautiful Cave Creek stained concrete floor.

    Ideas For Staining Concrete

    Here are some original patio and flooring concepts that can motivate you to get started:

  • Create artistic surfaces that are not only attractive but also useful, long-lasting, and affordable by using stained concrete floor art.
  • Let the natural terrain inspire unique imitation finishes, such as majestic streams, towering boulders, and sand.
  • Use techniques for concrete staining to coordinate your driveway with the façade of your home.
  • For a rustic style, stain your driveway with a dark brown stain.
  • Add a stained border to bring new life into your patio.
  • Make your stamped concrete patio look like brick or stone pavers.

    Differences Between Painting & Sealing

    The painting will create a more visible, bold display, and it will have a lower price. Nevertheless, stains last longer than paints, so regular sealing can make the result nearly permanent.

    Understanding these differences is crucial before getting stained concrete in Gilbert. Keep in mind that stains do not fade, whereas paints are a temporary solution. Paints only last for approximately a year when facing normal wear and tear.

    Cleaning Your Stained Concrete

    Follow these steps to clean your stained concrete and make it last longer:

  • Use a yard hose to rinse your concrete.
  • Apply a tiny amount of liquid dish soap and clean the surface with a push broom.
  • Once you’ve finished scrubbing, keep rinsing with water.
  • Before sealing, let the surface dry for 24 hours or use a leaf blower for quick results.

    High-Quality Stained Concrete Floors In Gilbert

    With the correct floor coating, you can give your garage flooring a new lease on life. You can also increase their durability and improve their appearance.

    At Barefoot Surfaces, we can help you restore your garage floor and make it look new again. Our garage floor coatings create a barrier between the concrete and damaging elements, making your floor remain shiny and in perfect condition for a longer time.

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