How To Prepare Your Concrete Floors For Sealing?: A Step By Step Guide

Prepping Your Concrete Floor For Sealing

Preparing your concrete floor for sealing is essential to guarantee a smooth and long-lasting surface. This preparation must include the removal of all furnishing and cleaning deeply to avoid mixing dirt with the sealer. It’s not difficult to do this process, but you need to consider some factors before getting started.

Whether you want to learn more about concrete floor finishes or concrete garage floor coatings in Paradise Valley, you should know how to clean the surface first to apply a sealer sucessfully. In the following article, we will give you a step-by-step guide so you can prepare your concrete floor effortlessly.

Prepping Your Concrete Floor For Sealing in Arizona

Basic Steps To Clean My Concrete Floor

Step 1

You have to ensure the surface is clean, so wipe up all oil and stains. Also, sweep and scrape away all dirt and get rid of any contaminants with a broom.

Step 2

If the concrete surface is new, use a special product to cleane it. You can use a plastic watering can to evenly distribute the product and a non-metal brush to spread it.

Let the product stand in the surface for at least 10 minutes.

Step 3

Use a stiff bristled, non-metal broom to scrub the surface vigorously. Do not allow the concrete surface to dry.

Older stains may need extra applications, so be careful with them.

Step 4

Use a garden house with a high-pressure nozzle to rinse the surface. Do not let the rinse solution enter the storm drains.

Step 5

Use a non-metal mop or squeegee to remove excess water carefully.

Step 6

Let the surface dry for a few minutes. Before applying Phoenix concrete garage floor coatings, you must ensure the surface is ready for priming. It will be ready when it feels like medium grit sandpaper with no residue.

Why Do I Need A Concrete Sealer?

Concrete sealers presever your floor and improve its appareance. Sealing enhances the colors of a concrete floor while adding a gorgeous sheen. It also preserves the decorative finish by protecting the surface from stains and other damages.

Some concrete sealers add a protective film on the surface, and others penetrate into the floor.

Do Concrete Floor Sealers Affect Maintenance?

It depends on the type of floor and sealer used. For example, the use of concrete sealer may affect the maintenance requirements in industrial floor.

For industrial floors, we recommend using a stain protector that penetrates into the floor. These sealers offer better protection to repel liquids.

Diamonds pads can help enhance the natural shine of concrete floors. They can also prepare the floor for the sealing process.

Will Sealers Protect My Floor From Stains?

You need a high-build sealer with good resistance to stains to protect your interior floor. Polyurethane or epoxy sealers usually provide the best protection, and they are easier to maintain.

In a high-traffic environment like the garage, use Queen Creek epoxy garage floor coatings to ensure your floor keeps in good condition. Remember your garage floor suffers many damage from your vehicle’s tires, so use high-quality products to protect its surface.

Softer acrylic sealers need regular maintenance with wax or many coats of sacrificial floor finish to prevent wear, but they may be a good option for small areas with less traffic.

How Long Will The Sealer Last On The Floor?

It depends on exposure and how well you maintain your floor. Urethanes and epoxies offer the best long-term performance and can last many years before needing another application.

Are Concrete Sealers Toxic?

Solvent-based concrete sealers are flammable, and their toxic fumes can be dangerous to breathe. Plus, they may have volatile VOCs in their formula. Therefore, we recommend using water-based sealers instead of solvent-based sealers if the process will be indoors, especially if you cannot ventilate the area.

Should I Get Gilbert Concrete Garage Floor Coatings If My Garage Floor Is Made Of Concrete?

You definitely need a special treatment for your concrete garage floor if it looks different from what it used to be. Fortunally, Barefoot Surfaces can help.

At Barefoot Surfaces, we only use the highest-quality materials to offer the best garage remodel and concrete floor coatings for you. We guarantee a sucessful service to make your floor coatings last for many years so you don’t spend hundreds of dollars on floor maintenance.

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