Is It Worth Sealing a Concrete Floor?

Top Reasons You Should You Seal Your Concrete Garage Floor In Arizona

If you have concrete floors installed in your office, kitchen, living room, garage, or commercial building, you know how strong and long-lasting it is. Sealing your concrete floor can take it to the next level of functionality and durability, while adding additional protection against spills or damage. There are endless options for finishing your concrete floor, giving you a beautiful and truly unique floor. Regardless of where your concrete floor is installed, it’s important that it is sealed properly. There are many reasons why Gilbert concrete garage floor coatings are an excellent option to improve the lifespan and appearance of your concrete floor.

Is It Worth Sealing a Concrete Floor?

Sealing a Concrete Floor Improves Its Durability

While everyone is familiar with the strength of a concrete floor, fewer people know that you can drastically increase the durability of your concrete floor by having it professionally sealed. When a concrete floor is sealed, it receives protection from rain, other elements, and spills. Gilbert polyaspartic garage floor coatings means reduced moisture absorption, which will prevent common concrete problems, such as scaling or cracking. Sealing your concrete floor, whether inside your home or garage, will prevent damage regardless of how much traffic moves across the floor.

Sealing Concrete Reduces the Risk of Mold Growth

Concrete is a porous material, meaning that it absorbs moisture both from the ground, from exposure to the elements, and from any liquids that are spilled on top of it. A concrete floor that is not sealed will continually absorb small amounts of moisture. In places where the humidity is high, mold and mildew growth can occur. Not only is this unsightly and likely to result in permanent staining, but mold in a home or commercial setting can also cause significant health problems. The best way to avoid mold growth in your concrete floor is to have it professionally sealed to inhibit the growth of molds, mildew, and bacteria. Your floors will look better for longer and be healthier, too.

Sealing Extends the Life of Your Floors

Homeowners are always interested in extending the life of the costly investments they add to their homes. Sealing your concrete floor with Gilbert stained concrete garage floor coatings is the best way to ensure it will last a long time. In fact, professionally coated concrete floors are expected to have a lifespan of 25-30 years with proper care and maintenance. Plus, a coated floor will look a whole lot better during those decades, too!

Professional Sealant Protects Your Concrete Floors from Damage

An unsealed concrete floor is vulnerable to staining from spills, cracking from moisture below the ground, as well as scratching and damage from daily use. The optimal way to protect your concrete floor from damage, whether it’s in your home, garage, or commercial building, is with Gilbert concrete garage floor coatings. A professional sealant protects your valuable concrete floor from spills from food and automotive fluids, UV rays from exposure to the sun, and damage from machinery usage.

Maintain your Concrete Floor’s Color with Professional Sealant

Staining or adding color to concrete floors is a trend with growing popularity. Your floor can become truly unique and personalized with endless options for coloring and finishes. Since unfinished concrete will become discolored or look uneven when it is exposed to liquids or the elements, professionally sealing your concrete floors is the solution that will help protect and maintain the color of your floor – whether that’s an added color or a more natural look. Concrete floor sealant keeps your floors looking clean and sharp for a long time.

How Often Should I Have My Concrete Floor Professionally Sealed?

When considering Gilbert epoxy garage floor coatings, it’s natural to wonder how often a sealant would need to be reapplied. The answer is that it depends. Generally, re-sealing is recommended every few to several years, depending on how much exposure it has to rain and the outdoors, how much foot traffic or machinery is being used on it, and what type of sealant you choose to have applied. A professional sealant company can help you determine when your floor is ready for re-sealing.

Quality and Professional Concrete Sealing Services in Gilbert

Choose the most durable option for your concrete floor when you get it professionally sealed by Barefoot Surfaces. Our experienced team offers impeccable workmanship on everything and uses only the most quality materials. Save money on floor maintenance and get the best performance with a concrete floor coating installed by Barefoot Surfaces! To request your free quote, contact our office today!

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