Concrete Sealing: Do I Need to Seal My Garage Floors?

Epoxy Floor Coating Specialists Discuss The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Concrete Sealing

Garage floors are exposed constantly to dirt, oil, grease, dust, hot tires, automotive fluids, temperature fluctuations, corrosive chemicals, road salts, and different weather elements. They endure a lot in their lifetime, safely storing our vehicles and other household items. Several people also use the space as entertainment, exercise, and play area or a workshop.

Most garage floors use concrete as the construction material owing to its durability. Over time, however, concrete garage floors start to show significant signs of wear and tear like cracks, dents, holes, stains, uneven appearance, dusting, water pooling, spalling, and scaling. An effective way to protect garage floors effectively is to use a good quality concrete sealer to enhance their beauty and functionality at an affordable price.

Sealed Garage Floor Concrete In Gilbert, AZ

Concrete sealers are chemical substances that protect the garage floor surface from water damage, stains, oil, moisture, extreme temperatures, and other contaminants. Some of the widely popular concrete garage floor sealers include epoxy sealers, silicate concrete sealers, acrylic sealers, polyurethane sealers, and penetrating sealers. Each of these options has its pros and cons, and the garage owner can choose them based on the type of surface protection he is looking for, budget, and the appearance he wants.

Several garage owners remain confused and fail to make up their minds about whether they need to seal their garage floors or leave them as is. Here we discuss the pros and cons of concrete sealing to facilitate decision making:

Pros Of Concrete Sealing

Unsealed Concrete Floors Lead To Mold Growth

Every homeowner hates moldy floors. Unsealed concrete floors lead to mold growth due to moisture penetration owing to their porosity. Sealers block the garage floor pores, helping it repel moisture and prevent mold and bacteria from thriving.

Garage Floor Crack Prevention

Sealing the concrete floor makes it more durable. It acts as a protective layer preventing elements and other common issues like cracks and dents due to tools or other heavy objects hitting the floor, scaling, and spalling from damaging the floor, even when they see extensive use.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Concrete Garage Floors

When concrete garage floors are properly sealed and remain protected from the damage mentioned above, they have a significantly longer lifespan.

Garage Floor Color Protection

Colored garage floors are susceptible to fading, peeling, and cracking. Sealing the concrete floor maintains the floor colors for a longer time by protecting them from factors causing discoloration.

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Concrete Floors

Some concrete sealers, like epoxy, offer a glossy finish, making the garage floor look aesthetically pleasing.

Easy To Clean Concrete Floor Surfaces

Stubborn stain marks from oil, grease, and other liquids spoil the surface’s appearance. Sealers make the floor easy to wipe clean after spills as it doesn’t absorb these liquids. They also offer protection against weather changes, sun’s rays, and other elements.

Cons Of Concrete Sealing

Cost is a significant downside of sealers. Garage owners have to bear the additional cost of applying sealants. The larger the garage floor area, the more amount of sealer is required to cover it, and the higher it will cost.

Concrete Sealers Have To Be Reapplied Often

Sealers don’t last forever. For garages with heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the sealer may need reapplication frequently.

Sealing Your Concrete Garage Floors May Be Expensive

Maintenance is another issue with concrete sealing. The need to maintain the garage floor is associated with its cost. More expensive sealers require less maintenance, while the cheaper ones require more upkeep to maintain their look.

Traditional Concrete Sealers Contain Harmful Chemicals

Traditional sealers consist of chemicals that may harm the environment and humans. Though environmentally-friendly options are available, they come with a price tag.

Concrete Floor Sealers May Take a Long Time To Apply

Depending on the sealant type, the garage floor may remain out of action for some time, causing inconvenience.

Experts advise garage owners to consider sealing their concrete garage floors to protect them from damage and maintain their cosmetic appearance.

About the author: Richa has over 10 years of content writing experience and writes extensively on garage cabinets and epoxy floor related topics. This article is written by her for Garage Excell – Southern California’s top rated epoxy coated floor specialists.

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