Can a Concrete Coating Take Your Home To The Next Level?

Epoxy Floor Coating: The Right Option For Your Arizona Garage

Epoxy flooring is a very popular option for home, industrial, and commercial settings. Many people wonder if an epoxy coated floor might be a good option for their home or garage, especially in the southwest where a concrete floor plays an important role in keeping a home cool during the intense summer heat. Whether you opt for epoxy in your entire home, one specific room, your shop, or your garage, you can be sure that Chandler epoxy garage floor coatings will take your home to the next level in both appearance and functionality. Keep reading to learn more about why epoxy floor coatings can be a really great option for most situations, and also for some considerations for when choosing a different flooring option might be a better idea.

Epoxy Floor Coating: The Right Option For Arizona Garage in Gilbert, AZ

Advantages Of An Epoxy Floor Coating

There are many benefits to having a Gilbert concrete garage floor coating.

Easy To Clean Flooring

One of the most common complaints about any type of flooring is that it is difficult to clean. Epoxy floors win in this category. Cleaning is effortless! Simply sweep, mop, or wipe your epoxy coated floor with no concerns at all about damage from water or cleaners. The incredible ease of cleaning is why East Mesa epoxy garage floor coatings are so popular in shops and garages. When fluids such as gas or oil are spilled onto a traditional, unfinished concrete floor, they will be absorbed into the floor, leaving a permanent unsightly stain. Since an epoxy coating is completely fluid proof, all you need to do with spill is wipe them up and move on with the project.

Epoxy Floors Are Durable

Epoxy coated flooring is tough. Not only does it have the strength of the concrete below, but it also has a thick, strong layer of epoxy that is extremely difficult to damage. Since garage floor coatings look so nice, it’s easy to feel like they shouldn’t be used. But your epoxy coated floor can handle your car, impacts such as children dropping their bikes onto the floor, falling tools, and whatever else you send its way. The only potential for damage is from a very sharp object, but it’s rare that you will have that kind of issue.

Epoxy Floors Will Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Garage

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of a Tempe concrete garage floor coating is the clean and finished look that it gives to your garage or home. An epoxy coating will take an old garage or boring room and immediately turn it into a stunning showroom.

It’s a Non-Slip Floor

Despite how shiny and clean your new Gilbert epoxy garage floor coating looks, it won’t be slippery. A textured epoxy floor coating is slip-resistant and less abrasive than concrete flooring. Plus, it won’t be damaged by water. The water repellant action of an epoxy coating means that you can simply and easily wipe up any spills so they won’t present a slip hazard to anyone walking through the room.

Disadvantages Of Epoxy Flooring

As you can see, there are many advantages to having an epoxy floor coating installed in your home, shop, garage, or commercial building. However, there is one disadvantage to epoxy floor coatings, and that is the installation process. There is a great deal of prep work that has to happen before an epoxy coating can actually be applied to your concrete flooring. There is also some drying time that must be allowed so the product can properly set before the floor can be used again. If your business cannot stop production for more than a very short time, a polyaspartic garage floor coating may be a good selection to consider as it has a much faster drying time.

When you hire a quality company to install your Paradise Valley concrete garage floor coating, you can feel confident that both the prep work and installation will be handled professionally by someone who has the tools and expertise to do the job well. You’ll be able to get back to living in your home, working in your garage, or production in your business as soon as possible. Consider giving your concrete floor an epoxy coating to take it to the next level.

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