Top Tips To Pack Up a Garage: Moving Heavy Tools & Large Items With Ease

Keep Your Tools Free Of Damage During Your Move

If your garage is full of tools, they are probably a high priority in your mind as you prepare for your upcoming move. Tools are heavy, valuable, and expensive, and might feel overwhelming to relocate. That’s where a good Arizona mover comes in. Whether you use your tools for work or fun, we know how important it is to keep them safe and free of damage during your move. Take a look at our top tips for packing up your garage so you can move with ease!

Packing up a garage with an Arizona moving company

Organize & Purge

Moving to a new home or shop is the perfect time to take inventory of your tool collection. Before you begin to pack, take some time to sort through everything. As you go through your tools, separate them into piles of what you want to move with you and what you want to give away or throw away. It can be helpful to subdivide these piles into larger and smaller tools. Once you’ve created your piles, it will be easier to know how many packing supplies you need and how much space everything will take in your moving truck.

Clean & Inspect

Wiping down your tools as you pack them might seem like a lot of work upfront, but you’ll love having a whole set of clean tools when you get to your new home! Be mindful of venomous spiders and other pests before reaching into the dark corners of your workshop or garage. Use damp rags and gentle cleaning solutions to remove dust, mud, dirt, pollen, lubricants and oils, cobwebs, and other debris from your valuable tools before carefully packing them up.

Drain Fuel & Oil

For safety, take time to properly drain gasoline, oil, and other fuels from your tools. Most Ahwatukee moving companies will not move tools that are filled with flammable liquids because they can leak when the vibration of the moving truck loosens their fuel caps. This presents a significant fire hazard and can also spill onto other household goods and cardboard boxes, making a smelly mess all over your belongings that will be frustrating and extremely difficult to remove later.

Other Packing Considerations

Take blades out of tools such as circular saws and table saws to prevent them from becoming warped or damaged during the moving process. Additionally, follow these tips to keep your tools safe and protected:

  • Use rubber guards around saw teeth so they don’t puncture your cardboard boxes
  • Pack saw blades upright when possible, being sure to allow plenty of cushioning between the blades
  • Remove drill bits from drills, impact wrenches, drivers, and similar tools
  • Pack bits separately from fasteners so they’re easier to locate in your new garage
  • Carefully package each type of nail and screw with a label, so they don’t spill out or get mixed together
  • Consider purchasing or leasing plastic totes for tool and accessory transportation
  • Support Larger Tools

    To prevent damage, heavy tools will need extra support during the moving process. Carefully cushion the corners and any protruding parts with thick packing foam, moving blankets, or bubble wrap.

    If you have large tool boxes or tool chests that need to be moved, remove the tools first to prevent accidents and to make the chests easier to move. Avoid using tape to secure the drawers; instead, wrap your tool cabinets and chests with moving blankets, which are available to rent from your Anthem moving company. Use ropes or tie straps to secure the blankets around your tool chests.

    Whenever possible, break down your larger tools into small parts to make them easier to remove. Carefully label everything and take pictures before disassembly so that reassembly will be fast and easy.

    Prepare for Moving Day

    As you prepare for your new home, don’t forget to consider what tools you may need for moving day. Pack them separately in a designated moving tool bag. Hand tools and small power tools are invaluable during your move for tasks such as removing or installing light fixtures, hanging pictures and curtains, and more. You may want to include the following tools in your designated bag:

  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Stud Finder
  • Impact driver and drill

  • With a little preparation, moving your tools to your new home can be done with ease!

    This article is courtesy of A to Z Valleywide Movers, a top rated Arizona moving company that specializes in providing a full spectrum of quality services for local and long distance moves.

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