Cooling Your Garage with a Mini-Split AC System

Working in your garage can be unbearable in the Arizona heat. You can put up as many fans as you want, but they will only cool the space down a bit. You’ll still be sweating away, and you won’t have as much stamina as a result. Meanwhile, any paint, lumber, or other items that you store in the garage will be warping, hardening, or otherwise wearing down in that heat over time.

Cooling your garage can make it a much more pleasant place to work, and the temperature control can protect the items you have stored in the garage. A ductless, mini-split AC system installation in Gilbert is an ideal solution for a residential or commercial garage. Here’s some more information about cooling your garage with a mini-split AC system:

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What is a Mini-Split AC?

The ductless, mini-split air conditioner is similar in cooling quality to what you would get from a central HVAC system. The unit is split – giving it its name – into a compressor or condenser unit that is mounted outside and an evaporator unit that is mounted inside. For bigger spaces, a bigger evaporator unit may be used. No duct work is used to connect the components or to spread air throughout the space.

The condenser and evaporator units are connected through copper tubing and wires. However, the hole required for these connections is usually just over 2 inches, so it does not damage your home or your garage.

The mini system is much smaller than a traditional central air unit, and it’s even smaller than most window air conditioning units. It has a long, sleek profile that most won’t even notice.

Benefits of a Mini-Split AC

There are many benefits of installing a Gilbert mini-split AC unit in your garage. To start, you are going to enjoy a much more comfortable space, whether you are doing work in your garage or you are just getting out of your car after a long day at work.

A mini-split AC installation in Gilbert is a much more efficient cooling system than other types, such as a window unit or a portable unit. It will give you better cooling, but it won’t cost you as much in electric bills. If you were to try to use your central air conditioner to cool your garage, you would pay through the nose. There isn’t enough insulation in the garage to keep that air from escaping.

Eventually, a mini-split AC can even bring down your current cooling costs. The system creates a pocket of cool air in the garage, which buffers your home from the outside. Your internal central air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to make up for that hot air coming in through the garage.

Other Air Conditioner Choices

When you weight your other air conditioner options, you will see that the mini-split is the best choice in all regards. With a window AC unit, you have to cut a giant hole in your garage, which can damage your home or just create an unpleasant aesthetic on the outside. No one likes the look of the backside of an air conditioner hanging out where brick or siding should be. A window AC unit also won’t cool your garage very well. It will make a ton of noise, and you’ll only feel really good cooling right next to the unit.

A portable AC unit is much the same. It will only provide good cooling right next to it, and it makes a lot of noise. You may also struggle with where to put it, since it takes up a lot of floor space where you may already be having a hard time fitting all the things you need. A mini-split system is unobtrusive, doesn’t damage your garage, provides exceptional cooling, and operates almost noiselessly.

The choice is clear to us. Install a Gilbert mini-split AC system along with epoxy floor coatings to get maximum cooling in your space. The two additions will also elevate the look of your space, making them look more stylish and more professional.

If you are thinking of installing a mini-split system, call Air Fit Air Conditioning in Gilbert. One of our experts in residential and commercial heating and cooling will inspect your space and recommend the right mini-split system for you. We’ll then install the system and give you tailored recommendations for maintenance and optimal results. Call us in Gilbert today to talk with a cooling expert or to schedule a consultation and estimate.

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