5 Reasons a Metallic Epoxy Coating is Right for Your Home
5 Reasons a Metallic Epoxy Coating is Right for Your Home Are you looking for a beautiful yet strong floor that can stand up to all types of daily beatings? If so, an East Mesa epoxy garage floor coating is the answer! Ideal for both residential and commercial establishments, metallic epoxy Cave Creek stained concrete is beneficial for many reasons. Our epoxy experts at Barefoot Surfaces have five simple reasons to share why these East
The Importance of Repairing Garage Floor Cracks

The Importance of Repairing Garage Floor Cracks

Posted on March 23, 2020
Category: tips
The Importance of Repairing Garage Floor Cracks Do you have cracks in your Gilbert concrete garage floor coating? Have you been meaning to fix them but really just putting it off and ignoring them? You may think, well everyone has them in their Gilbert stained concrete so why does it matter? If fixing those cracks in your Goodyear epoxy garage floor coating has been at the bottom of your to-do list for far too long,
Interior Epoxy Floor Coatings: Flooring Trends for the New Year Epoxy garage floor coatings around the valley have been gaining popularity over the past several years. While it is typically recognized in automotive shops, hospitals, garages, and warehouse businesses, Gilbert concrete garage floor coatings are actually making a move into the trending design world and being installed inside homes. Keep reading to find out why Gilbert stained concrete floors are becoming so widely popular. What
Metallic Epoxy Floor
6 Incredible Advantages of a Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating Epoxy is an incredibly strong and durable Gilbert garage floor coating, commonly used throughout businesses and homes in a variety of ways. This beautiful Gilbert stained concrete floor has multiple benefits and very few downsides. It is important to note the difference between regular epoxy and metallic epoxy: metallic epoxy is sometimes called metal epoxy as well, and is a special, multi-layered epoxy floor system that
Epoxy Floor
Foolproof Methods for Comparing Epoxy Floor Coating Options While at first it may seem like all epoxy is the same, once you start diving deeper into the world of Gilbert epoxy garage floor coatings, you will begin to realize that not all epoxy is created equal. Each type has a different purpose or focus, such as water-based or solvent-based epoxy. Some places only offer 100% solid epoxy, and the price points for other epoxy seems

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